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CME Weather Derivatives Establish New Records

2005 Volume in Innovative Product Complex Surpasses 2004; New Single Day Volume Record Established on April 11 CHICAGO, April 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — CME, the largest U.S. futures exchange, announced that yesterday year-to-date trading of futures and options on futures in its weather derivative contracts already has surpassed the total volume of contracts traded in 2004. […]

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Demystifying hedge funds & investment plans

By Ashish Gupta – Hedge funds are pooled investment vehicles, which are commonly set up as limited partnerships in which the manager acts as the general partner while the investors act as the limited partners. In order to mitigate a particular type of risk, a money manager employs a particular risk management or hedging technique. […]

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Mining giant ‘will emerge from Russia’

By John Fraser – JOHANNESBURG (Business Day) — Former BHP Billiton chief Brian Gilbertson yesterday predicted that a new mining giant would emerge from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States member countries to rival BHP Billiton, Anglo and Rio Tinto. Gilbertson, CE of SUAL, was speaking in London at the eighth Annual Russian Economic […]

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Business Booming For Specialty Palm Oil Makers

By Benjamin Low – KUALA LUMPUR (Dow Jones)–Palm oil’s attractive price and health concerns linked to the use of rival oils are boosting demand for the tropical oil in the food industry, but Malaysian companies need to venture downstream and provide better packaging options to capitalize on the upsurge, a maker of palm oil-based products […]

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CTA Develops Market Price Forecasting Technique

ZeroVector.Com, a systems developer and registered Commodity Trading Advisor based in Charlotte, NC has developed a futures and financial market price forecasting technique which it calls BillionZ ESP. Since completing development of the technique, ZeroVector.COM has publicly released a total of 19 price targets for financial markets free of charge via it”s newsletter and web […]

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China’s Neglected Half Stirs to Life

By Garth le Pere and Garth Shelton – (Business Day) — The modernisation and emergence of China as a global player is inextricably interwoven with the narrative on globalisation. Trade, investment, technology, capital market liberalisation, export-driven growth and flows of information all help to explain — and indeed, have been vital to — China’s dramatic […]

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The more things change

By Gerry van Wyngen – The biggest commodities boom in more than 20 years is under way, but there are dangers for investors. Investors with long memories may remember 1979 and 1980, when gold prices raced to $US850 an ounce, then tanked. Concurrently silver prices went through the roof, then collapsed, bankrupting the Texan billionaire […]

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Oil at $100/bbl by 2010 – CIBC World Markets

By Canadian Press – TORONTO (CP) — Growing demand from the developing world and the United States will cause crude oil prices to almost double to $100 US a barrel by 2010, economists at CIBC World Markets suggest. The report by Jeff Rubin and Peter Buchanan suggests that supply growth will lag consumption, pushing the […]

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CME E-Livestock Volume Records

On March 9, CME set volume records in the CME E-Livestock complex, driven by record volume in CME E-Live Cattle futures. The CME E-Livestock contracts set a new volume record of 1,844 futures contracts traded. CME E-Live Cattle trades made up of the majority of that activity at 1,674 futures, also a record. Click here […]

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Jim Rogers’ Hedge Fund Tips

Investment guru Jim Rogers and other hedge fund managers see opportunities in global markets, including energy technologies. Looking for new and diversified investment opportunities for your hedge fund? Stay clear of India or Russia, but do start scrutinizing the commodity markets of China, Brazil, and Canada, where opportunities will abound over the next 10 years […]

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