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Concerned Cotton Comments

For a while now I was unable to see the forest for the trees. However, stuck as I was I took off a few days and gained fresh perspective, I hope not too late. You all should know that traditionally, cotton and copper have been strong leading economic indicators of the health of industry. I […]

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Commodities on Hold

Commodities continue to be on hold in terms of major directional moves while it too watches the socialization of America. We continue to expect commodities as a whole to resume the longer term uptrend. Bottom line continues to be the FED. creating more and more money every day and every time we have a crisis. […]

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Option Queen Letter

If the US Government is to bail-out various financial institutions including insurance companies, buying their toxic assets, as part of the package; a dramatic pay-cut for all executives needs to be part of that package. If your money, the US government funds, are being used to buy- and steady these firms, we all become equity […]

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The Death of the Free Market

This week is one for the History books. You are seeing nothing less than the death of the “free market”. You are, in real time, watching this country move towards true socialism. I am not commenting on where this is the right or wrong direction. I am simply pointing out that it IS happening! It […]

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Gold Standard

With turbulence striking the global markets investors are scrambling to find safer arena’s to invest their monies. The credit crisis both home and abroad is claiming both long time Financial Institutions as well as the average home owner. Many Investors felt that the recent $40.00+ drop in Crude Oil was the “Light at the end […]

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