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Weekly Precious Metal Report

So far this week the precious metals have shown extreme resiliency as economic news globally has tested the patience of the most disciplined traders. The recent global economic data has analysts divide and therefore the markets are seeking an indicator and a direction. Much of the news this week has been the European Unions dilemma […]

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“February Break” in the Grains May Be Ending

March corn futures at the Chicago Board of Trade have seen prices rebound from the early-February low of $3.47 1/2 a bushel. While the bulls have more work to do to suggest a price uptrend can be sustained, there are early technical and seasonal clues that a market low is in place. The Moving Average […]

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Shortened Week Starts With a BANG

We wanted confirmation before taking a stance in crude and with prices convincingly higher today we are thinking the recent shake out may be all the bears get. Today’s move carried prices back above the 200 day moving average and at the highs we traded to the 40 day moving average. As long as April […]

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Option Queen Letter

Interest rates will be going higher! No, that is not a question but rather a statement. Just think about it, as states and countries find themselves in budget deficit, they will have to pay more to borrow money because of the slippage in their ratings. This leads to higher interest rates all around as people […]

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Counter-trend Friday

Today was a perfect example of a counter-trend Friday. The day’s data was relatively mixed but position squaring (short covering) ahead of the long weekend managed a moderate bounce. The University of Michigan Sentiment was reported at 73.7, a bit lower than the previous and below estimates looking for 75. However retail sales beat the […]

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China Going on Vacation

IS there a bubble in China I do not think so as it relates to commodities but expect volatility as they will be absent from the markets next week. Though past performance is not indicative of future results I recall last year big swings and would expect the same this year. All things being equal […]

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Precious Metals Rebound

This week thus far has brought back the glimmer to the gold and silver markets as news from the European Union has given the precious metals added appeal to investors. Most analysts agree the recent U.S Dollar rally is due more to the weakness of the Euro. The U.S Stock Futures rallied as European Union […]

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Inverse Dollar Trade

All eyes will be on the US dollar as the risk aversion trade and news whether a bailout will or will not happen out of Europe continues to be the driving force. As noted in our commentary Monday we expect some type of resolution and the flow of money that went into Treasuries and the […]

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