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Preparing for Jackson Hole

If in a profit or at a loss and not 100% committed to trades we opted to take profits and losses for clients today and raise some cash as we except fireworks as a consequence of the Jackson hole outing. Crude advanced 2% today closing higher for the third consecutive session back above the 9 […]

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Markets Catching a Breath

The pause in stocks and commodities today appears to me like they are just catching a breath before their coming leg higher. Today’s’ inventory report was far from bullish but Crude held onto gains trading intra-day above $88/barrel for the first time in two weeks. We maintain our bullish stance thinking prices will make their […]

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Anti-Climatic Trading Session

No movement was truly notable to report with muted action commodity wide. Inside day in Crude with mixed signals as prices were unable to make a new high but we did hold the 9 day MA so tomorrow the market should make a decision based on the inventory report. We suspect a trade over $88 […]

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Volatility Persists

The VIX, a measure of volatility is at extremes so we should see things calm down in the coming sessions. Volatility likely will not disappear but rather decrease is our thought. As of this post Crude is higher by 3.5% and nearly $7 off its lows from yesterday. We have advised clients to scale into […]

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Vegas vs. Wall Street

At least in Vegas you get free drinks and maybe some comps…this market is a kin to gambling so be cautious. A $7 trading range in Crude oil today takes prices dangerously close to $75/barrel a level not seen in fifteen months. We still say we see $95 before $75 but we may end up […]

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Commodities serving as Diversification

When a portion of your portfolio is diversified into commodities on days like today there should be no need to panic. Crude traded to a nine month low today dragging prices very close the $80/barrel mark. It’s been painful but we highly doubt a 20% reduction is justified. The pundits say it is demand destruction […]

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Heart Palpitations

At 33 years old I should not have heart palpitations but this market can do it to the best of us. While most of you were sleeping Crude oil traded at a nine month low under $83/barrel but as of this post prices are $5 off that level closing positive in today’s session to end […]

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Take no Prisoners

Do not be a hero as this market will take no prisoners….long or short it does not matter…cash is king and keep your size small. Clearly we were wrong on Crude holding the lows from June with prices down nearly 6% today trading to a nine month low. We see the next significant support $3 […]

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Clear and Present Danger

It is evident by the market fluctuations that investors are not excited about the current economic conditions. This in my opinion is just and as far as I see these wild swings are not going to end in the immediate future so tread lightly. Oil is down nearly 9% in the last seven days but […]

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Market Meltdown

Crude oil slides again today taking prices to their lowest level in one month now approaching their lows from June approximately $3 from current pricing. We feel most of the downside damage is done and have advised clients to start probing longs as we feel there is more upside potential than downside risk with Crude […]

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