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Gold & Silver, Not as Precious as Last Week

To say that “serious damage” has been done to the metals complex… well, that’s the understatement of the year! This is the quickest, most prevalent drop I have experienced in my career. In the words of Mohammed Ali, “float like a butterfly sting like a bee.” Consider yourself stung. It was good while it lasted. […]

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Waiting for the cabby signal

The market appears to be sending us an observable signal of a possible top. This week for the first time since the Lehman failure, we are hearing from people we know that they are quitting their jobs to trade. Although, it appears that we are near or approaching an interim top we are waiting for […]

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Silver, $26 is the Line in the Sand

The $26 level has acted as silver’s support for over two years now. And after a 10% slide over the past three weeks, including today’s 6% drop, we’re once again challenging this all-important line in the sand. Will $26 hold this time? Maybe not… yet I remain a long-term silver bull and see lower prices […]

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Canadian Dollar, North of the Border

The Canadian dollar has made strides in the last six weeks. After bouncing off support at 0.9650, we’ve now retraced 38.2% of the downtrend that began last September. Prices are north of all major moving averages I use in FX and I see higher trade ahead for the Loonie, especially in light of recent moves […]

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Corn futures, Stock up on your Arepas

Living in Miami it’s sometimes hard to avoid the sweet smell of roasted corn. We have the Latin American community to thank for Arepas – a delicious snack made of melted cheese sandwiched between two corn patties, all sizzled to perfection on a street-side griddle. Of course, Miami’s Arepa purveyors don’t worry much about corn […]

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Weak Gasoline Demand Creates Headwinds for Petroleum

Petroleum prices have rebounded slightly but remain depressed near the bottom end of the current range.  The recent barrage of weaker than expected economic data and the realization that the US could become an oil exporter has placed pressure on crude oil prices, driving WTI down below 95 per barrel. Inventory from the Department of […]

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Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Chocolate lovers have an eye on cocoa prices. The debate rages on… will Baby Ruth bars get offered up at a discount? Or will M&Ms soon be considered a luxury item? Ok ok… I tease. But futures traders should have their eye on this oft-overlooked softs market. Cocoa’s been trending lower for the last seven […]

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All aboard the Silver Express

After seven consecutive losing days has silver fond its footing trading positive by 1.77% as of this post. Now the catalyst may be a disappointing jobs number but to me if we can get follow through into next week silver may deserve some of your speculative dollars. This is but a small victory though the […]

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Think of S&P 500 as an Insurance Premium

Have you paid your portfolio insurance premiums this month? “Say what!?” you say. Well, you likely pay health insurance premiums… and for home owner’s insurance… and for car insurance. Yet many investors forget to insure their investment portfolio which, for many, is their largest asset. I’ve never understood this. I don’t know how to make […]

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