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Where is Crude oil headed?

In the last three weeks Crude oil futures have appreciated 15% lifting prices to 14 month highs. Since lows were established on 4/18 prices have advanced nearly 25%. This will not continue at least at this velocity and in fact at the moment I feel prices have gotten ahead of themselves and we could see […]

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U.S Dollar Index Weekly, July 11, 2013

The Greenback from Two Viewpoints

A very interesting last 30 days…let’s look at the weekly and daily charts on the Almighty Buck. Let me get this straight the greenback rallied on speculation that a rate hike may happen sooner rather than later; higher rates should equate to a stronger dollar. Yesterday Bernanke set the market straight verbalizing that not so […]

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Weekly Crude oil – I’m Eating Crow

Crude oil futures have advanced 13% in the last three weeks cutting through the $100 level like a hot knife through butter lifting futures to fresh 14 month highs. I anticipated a probe of this level as seen in previous posts but I did not see this type of acceleration. I was wrong. Much of […]

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Will FOMC bring TAPERING Concerns back for Sequel?

  DATA HIGHPOINTS FOR THE WEEK: — Australia Employment Data.. Bank of Japan rate meeting & announcement..US Treasury Auctions (3, 10, 30 years)..Japan Machinery Orders… US Federal Reserve Meeting Minutes release.. Eurozone, US PPI Data..USDA crop production data. JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo earnings release on Friday before Market Open.   Data in italics-high potential […]

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Return of the Yen Carry Trade

The revival of the Yen Carry Trade is yet again the talk of the town. With Yen hovering around 100 per USD, pretty much the same as of pre 2008 market crash, the discussion about Yen carry trade is catching up fast. The immediate triggers for this heightened interest in the Yen carry trade are […]

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Crude oil – A Failed Break-out

It was a shortened week with the holiday so volumes has been lackluster but to take nothing away from this move as Crude has taken out the $100/barrel level and currently trading at 13 month highs just above $101. As one can see in the chart below futures have traded out of the $10-12 trading […]

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Oil Spikes in aftermarket on surprise supply draw down

* DATA HIGHPOINTS FOR THE WEEK: — Japan Tankan Report…US ISM Manufacturing Data… US, Eurozone PMI Data… Reserve Bank Australia, ECB, Bank of England monetary policy meetings, rate announcements… US, Eurozone Employment Data US MARKET HOLIDAY SCHEDULE -EARLY CLOSES WEDNESDAY JULY 3RD…US MARKETS CLOSED THURSDAY JULY 4TH Data in italics-high potential to influence markets *Tuesday-4:30 […]

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Metals Complex…a Rebound Underway

I follow and have the ability to trade 5 different metals…in no particular order gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper. For the most part I am most active in gold and silver with clients, use copper to help navigate other trades interpreting the overall breadth of the economy and rarely do clients trade palladium and […]

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