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Inflation Forces May Be Deflating

By Michael Englund A quicker-than-expected slowing in price pressures is looking more likely and will change the dynamic between the Fed and the markets In May, investors were hit with some unwelcome news on inflation, courtesy of larger-than-expected increases in each of the closely watched indexes for consumer prices (CPI), producer prices (PPI), and trade […]

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America’s Millions of Millionaires

By, Richard Daughty As soon as the G-8 finished hatching their secret plans and drinking all the liquor, they hightailed it out of town, sticking somebody with the bill. Then things really quieted down. To illustrate the point, we cut to the dramatic scene where the hero peers into the dark and hostile surroundings, and […]

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Offshore Seminar in Costa Rica

July 16, 2004 – San José Palacio Hotel, San José, Costa Rica You are invited to a Private Seminar – Comprehensive Wealth Preservation Offshore – Offshore Asset Protection – Liability Exposure Strategies – Non-Insurance Methods of Risk Management (more…)

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About the U.S. Money Supply Data

By Bill Cara The price of gold is about to jump through the roof, finally :), and gold is linked to money supply. With my reference on Thursday about the Fed no longer being able to properly use the money aggregates data in its policy decisions because of questionable data, it’s a good time to […]

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Pay Attention to Volatility

Pay Attention To Volatility

By Len Yates What trader has not experienced seeing the market move in the anticipated direction, but his options gaining only very little? Betcha those options were overvalued when they were bought! Or, covered writers: Have you ever written options and felt that you were getting unusually low premiums? Maybe you were selling when options […]

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Let the Market Do the Talking…

By: Mark M. Rostenko, The Sovereign Strategist Quite the interesting stock market environment we find ourselves in lately, is it not? The data is bullish, the so-called recovery appears to be in full swing (the operative word being “appears”) and yet the S&P 500 has broken under critical support to post a new 7-month low. […]

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A Compelling Case for Globalization

from knowledge@wharton In the fierce debate on globalization, Jagdish Bhagwati, a highly regarded authority on international trade who has advised the United Nations on globalization, stands out as a voice of reason. Currently teaching at Columbia University, he argues persuasively for the world-wide embrace of free trade in a book which should respond to some […]

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