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Dollar May Drop for Fourth Week Against Euro, Survey Indicates

May 31 (Bloomberg) — The dollar may drop against the euro for a fourth week on the belief that the U.S. currency’s 5.4 percent advance from a record low already reflects forecasts for employment growth and higher interest rates, a Bloomberg survey indicates. Sixty-seven percent of the 82 traders, investors and strategists polled Friday from […]

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Students learn to play the markets

By Kieran Falconer A STUDENT grant of $100,000 (£55,000) is a bit above the average, but next month 15 students at the Institute of Capital Market Research in Vienna will each receive this amount — and get the chance to see what they can make with it on the markets. Since October the 15 — […]

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Oil propels commodity prices to record highs: ScotiaBank

Investment Executive Staff The overall prices of Canada’s commodity exports hit a record high last month, powered by oil, the Bank of Nova Scotia reported today. The bank’s monthly commodity price index of price trends in major exports jumped in April by 3.1% over March and by 25.8% over April 2003. “Commodity prices have spurted […]

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Technical Analysis 101: Losing to Win

In his new book, A Short Course in Technical Trading, Perry Kaufman offers some sobering statistics on the matter. According to this veteran program-trading expert and author, “[y]ou can expect 6 or 7 out of 10 trend trades to be losses, some small some a little larger.” And yet, Kaufman says that trend-following systems are […]

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A Gold Stocks Review and Trading Approach

by Bill Cara for the Trader Wizard With gold bullion up about US$6.40 to about 385 on Friday, and it being Victoria Day (the Queen Mum’s birthday) tomorrow, which in Canada is celebrated with the summer season’s first long weekend (and no trading Monday), I got to thinking of doing an update on gold stocks. […]

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Winnipeg Exchange Shareholders Vote to Close Floor

By Roberta Rampton WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – The 117-year-old Winnipeg Commodity Exchange said on Wednesday its shareholders had approved plans to trade grain futures contracts electronically, spelling an end for its storied “open outcry” pits. Eighty-one percent of the WCE’s shareholders voted in favor of the plan to move the exchange’s canola, barley and feed […]

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China’s energy appetite fuels record prices

By Kevin Morrison Nowhere is China’s dramatic effect on global commodity prices over the past two years more visible than on the oil price, which recently jumped to more than $40 a barrel, stirring concerns of higher inflation and lower world economic growth. Although India’s fast-growing economy has also boosted energy consumption, it is the […]

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CBOT set to take gold and silver electronic

By Jeremy Grant in Chicago The Chicago Board of Trade plans to launch electronically traded gold and silver futures contracts in a move that could challenge the New York Mercantile Exchange’s global leadership of precious metals trading, derivative exchange sources said. The plans come as the world’s largest derivatives exchanges battle for dominance of trading […]

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Let the Market Do the Talking…

By: Mark M. Rostenko, The Sovereign Strategist Quite the interesting stock market environment we find ourselves in lately, is it not? The data is bullish, the so-called recovery appears to be in full swing (the operative word being “appears”) and yet the S&P 500 has broken under critical support to post a new 7-month low. […]

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A Compelling Case for Globalization

from knowledge@wharton In the fierce debate on globalization, Jagdish Bhagwati, a highly regarded authority on international trade who has advised the United Nations on globalization, stands out as a voice of reason. Currently teaching at Columbia University, he argues persuasively for the world-wide embrace of free trade in a book which should respond to some […]

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