Offshore Seminar in Costa Rica

July 16, 2004 – San José Palacio Hotel, San José, Costa Rica
You are invited to a Private Seminar
– Comprehensive Wealth Preservation Offshore
– Offshore Asset Protection
– Liability Exposure Strategies
– Non-Insurance Methods of Risk Management

Special Mini-Presentation:
Addressing the Special Needs of Physicians
Have you ever thought about the safety and security of protecting your money and assets in an account outside of the jurisdiction you live?
Have you ever wondered if there are other countries that offer stable economies along with very favorable investing environments?
Have you ever wondered if there are trust laws that allow the average investor opportunities of safety that are not available in the States?
Come and hear one of the brightest stars in the Asset Protection Field present a full seminar on Offshore Asset Protection.
First Part
From Basic To Advanced:
This seminar starts our addressing the beginner’s most basic questions about offshore asset protection and transcends to top-tier practical, technical issues for the heavy offshore investor. A question and answer session immediately follows this fun, interesting and information-rich presentation, with time allotted to speak with the presenter personally for individualized specific information.
This seminar addresses:
The basics of Offshore Asset Protection
Mid-level Offshore Financial Opportunities
How to begin protecting your assets offshore.
A review of what you need to start:
– Phone numbers to call, literature to get.
– Explanation of forms, fact sheets, tip sheets.
– Where to go to get what you need.
Selecting offshore firms and partners
– What to look for – what to look out for.
Layering Assets
Discovering favorable trust laws.
Setting up and dismantling trusts.
Countries you should stay away from.
Knowledge is power:
Knowing the specialization and strength of each individual country.
High net worth opportunities.
– Investing in a global economy.
– Investment options not available in the Latinamerica.
– High return securities from small but stable countries.
– The differences in technicalities in law in different countries.
– Specialization of each country.
– Assessing the investor environment.
Time will be devoted to :
Structuring to protect specific assets.
Accruing assets under the radar screen.
Transferring assets in confidence.
Setting up and following the laws of secrecy.
Avoiding civil litigation from the US.
Forming personal and corporate Trusts.
Countries that favor specific laws.
Financial considerations when doing business offshore
Tax avoidance strategies.
Escaping US court jurisdiction.
Special Mini-Presentation:
Addressing the special needs of Physicians
How to minimize the need for malpractice insurance saving 30% to 50% of med mal premium.
Avoiding litigation in medicine.
Protecting your home, car, office from lawyers.
Tax avoidance strategies.
Maintaining wealth for life, then to benefit your family.
Setting up trusts, while remaining liquid.
Secrecy and the law regarding lawsuits and taxes.
Second Part
A step by step guide to obtain OFFSHORE success.
Where to find the best financial paradises in the world.
How to secure your financial privacy while you invest OFFSHORE?
The OFFSHORE Asset Protection Guide.
How to start your OFFSHORE investments.
Secure and global payment solutions for financial institutions, multinational and commercial corporations all over the world.
Protect your assets from lawsuits, collectors, ex-wives, including the tax collection entity.
How to become 100% financially invisible.
Accumulate wealth as soon as possible.
Legally protect your income, capital gains and state taxes.
Take the first step towards a life time financial security.
About the Presenters
Jonathan Curshen:
Jonathan Curshen is world renown for his expertise in Offshore Asset Protection. The author of two books on the offshore preservation of wealth, and consultant to Red Sea Management, an offshore service provider. Red Sea Management offers both the first-time and long-term investors a full service of wealth preservation strategies.
Whether you want a LLC in Nevis, a Bank Account in Switzerland, or a Brokerage Account in Luxembourg, the customer service team at Red Sea Management offers world-wide offshore services including global bank accounts; property, home, car, boat and plane registrations; investment accounts, investments worldwide, trust formation, and complete asset protection and wealth preservation in programs that are easy to start, and easy to manage.
Red Sea Management is an experienced, full service financial provider with a five star customer satisfaction team. Red Sea Management offers Toll Free Customer Assistance, On-Line paperwork, and a full range of services – and answers – in all areas relating to banking, finance, account and asset protection and wealth preservation.
Andrés O. Hayes
Andres O. Hayes is a senior vice president with Transworld Payment Solutions in the Paris office. A native of Panama, Mr. Hayes has over 15 years of varied international business experience in the payment services industry. His areas of expertise include profit and loss accountability, data services and marketing.
Prior to joining Transworld Payment Solutions, Mr. Hayes was vice president of business development and marketing for Cayman National Bank in Grand Cayman. In this capacity he was responsible for the launch of the banks Debit Card program as well as developed e-commerce strategies for the Cayman Islands and Cayman National Bank.
Mr. Hayes also held various management positions at Visa International. From 1997 to 1999, he was member relations manager for the Latin America and Caribbean Region in Miami, where he was responsible for member banks and multinational accounts in the Caribbean. His focus was in developing and executing strategic plans and providing members with marketing, product, services and financial business solutions.
Three years earlier, Mr. Hayes participated in the implementation of new products and services for new and existing Visa members of the Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) region. In this capacity, he introduced card payment solutions in Bulgaria, Hungary, Kenya, Poland, Moscow, and South Africa for the CEMEA region headquartered in London, England where he resided for three years.
Mr. Hayes joined Visa International, Latin America and Caribbean region (Miami) in 1990 as operations and member support representative. The earliest part of his career was spent in Panama City, Central America with Bancosur Credimatico de Panama where he managed the Visa and MasterCard Interchange function and with National Cash Register Corporation (NCR).
Mr. Hayes graduated from St. Thomas University/Florida International University with a B.S. in marketing and is fully trilingual (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) and proficient in French.
Mario C. Enzler, M.B.A
Mr. Enzler graduated in Economy at University of Milan, Italy. He also has a Masters degree in the UBS Financial Training Program. He is founder-partner and works at GRIFON CAPITAL, in Lugano, Suiza.
For two years (1998 – 2000) he worked as SVP, Senior Relationship Manager PGB, and Market Head. From 1992 to 1998 he worked in UBS AG, NuevaYork and Lugano, Suiza. His job titles were:
VP in charge of Meridional Europe and Italy.
VP in charge of private banking activities relations.
Responsible for quality and improvement assurance.
Operations Department Manager.
Arnold S. Goldstein, Ph.D
Bachellor in Pharmacy at Northeastern University, JD from New England Law School, MBA y LL.M from Suffolk University, PhD in law and economic politics at Northeastern University. He also counts with a Post Doctorate in Research at London’s School of Economics.
He is working at Ft. Lauderdale University as attached teacher. His teaching experience follows:
1968-1991: Full time teacher in courses related to business thinking and laws. President of the department and Temporary Dean (1970 – 1973) at Northeastern University.
Honorary Professor at Northeastern University
1976-1973 School of Law at Suffolk.
1976-1979 School of Business at Suffolk.
1983-currently at University Nova-Southeastern.
1995-currently at Universidad Lynn.
1995- 1998 Atlantic University of Florida.
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