Smart Blogging – according to Barron’s Magazine

Excerpt from The Electronic Investor –
Edited by Randall W. Forsyth Reviewed by Kathy Yakal –
This week’s featured blog is a bit different from those we’ve covered to date. Rather than an investor trying out pundit wings, William J. Cara, proprietor of Trader Wizard (, is a seasoned investment professional who is using his years of experience to provide an insightful, news- and analysis-heavy blog. This daily chronicle is one element of a larger investment research Website.

Cara has over 30 years of experience in the Canadian securities and financial services industry. He makes buy and sell recommendations on securities and drops in charts and provides links to other data and research that help him come to his decisions. Cara also contributes intelligent commentary on issues, such as interest rates, the dollar and oil, and provides an assessment of the market’s current technical position. A discussion of gold included several links to information about the new gold exchange-trade fund. We’re surprised he’s giving this insight away.
Trader Wizard

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