Brazil‘s 2004 trade surplus hits $33.696bn, all-time record

Brazil posted a trade surplus of $33.696 billion in 2004, an all-time record, the Development and Foreign Trade Ministry said Monday.
Exports totaled $96.475 billion last year, while imports stood at $62.779 billion, also record figures.
In December alone, the country ran a hefty trade surplus of $3.51 billion. This means Brazil had surpluses of more than $3 billion in seven of the 12 months of 2004.

Last month‘s surplus was the result of $9.194 billion in exports and $5.648 billion in imports. These numbers are unprecedented for December.
Exports in December were 30% higher than a year earlier but 2% lower than in November on a daily average basis.
Imports last month were 36% higher than in December 2003 but 18.7% lower than in November.
Paula Puliti – AE

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