Archive | January, 2005 Launches Free Custom Commodity Futures Trading Charts and Quotes

North America (PRWEB) January 13, 2005 — A Commodity Trading World, an online community serving futures and commodities traders with free commentary and market forecasts, has added free custom commodities charts to their offerings. Now in its sixth year online, provides all the best technical indicators available, allowing free, daily analysis of futures markets. […]

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Brazil/05 coffee export vol. to fall, rev. to rise

São Paulo – Brazil’s Coffee Exporters Council (Cecafé) said on Tuesday that in 2005 the country should export around 23 million 60-kilogram bags of the commodity. Of this total 18.09 million bags should be arabica coffee, 1.6 million bags robusta coffee and 3.31 million bags soluble coffee. If this forecast proves correct it will mean […]

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The Myth of “Peak Oil”

by Charles Featherstone – I am often asked about the “peak oil” theory. I’ve even had some people send me junk mail predicting when the date would come. Sometime in June, 2006, I recall. (Unsolicited investment advice: go very long!) I didn’t really pay attention. And yet many do. There are websites, books, email lists, […]

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China’s Exchanges Press Sugar, Soy Oil Futures to Expand Market

Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) — China’s futures exchanges are pressing to introduce more agricultural products to help food producers and processors hedge against prices swings, officials said. The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange is waiting for approval to list white sugar futures and plans a canola contract, said Wei Zhenxiang, research and development head. His counterpart at Dalian […]

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The Benefits of Managed Futures

By Antoine Massad – DUBAI, 10 January 2005 — It has been a difficult year for managed futures, as turbulent market conditions have undermined performance of strategies that benefit from a clear market direction, but the strategy continues to offer clear benefits to investors. After a torrid spell of underperformance over the preceding six months, […]

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Brazil‘s 2004 trade surplus hits $33.696bn, all-time record

Brazil posted a trade surplus of $33.696 billion in 2004, an all-time record, the Development and Foreign Trade Ministry said Monday. Exports totaled $96.475 billion last year, while imports stood at $62.779 billion, also record figures. In December alone, the country ran a hefty trade surplus of $3.51 billion. This means Brazil had surpluses of […]

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Futures markets bullish in 2004

BEIJING, Jan. 6 — Chinese stock markets may be sluggish; but not its futures counterpart. Last year’s trade volume was close to 1.8 trillion US dollars, or 36 percent over 2003. Shanghai Aluminum contracts were the most favored among investors, due to China’s growing aluminum output and consumption levels. Nearly 14 million contracts were traded, […]

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DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 5, 2005– announced today the launch of exchanges for seven new condensed and dry dairy commodities. These markets include Nonfat Dry Milk and dry and condensed versions of Whey, WPC, and Buttermilk. All of the markets support both spot and contract trading. These new powders exchanges are based on the “two-sided” trading model […]

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The risk of three markets

By Navroz Patel – The Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange’s (BM&F) approach to derivatives risk is conservative, but doesn’t lack innovation. Its three clearing houses and involvement in the over-the-counter and retail derivatives markets mean it couldn’t be any other way. As Risk was going to press, the Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange (Bolsa de […]

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