CME E-Livestock Volume Records

On March 9, CME set volume records in the CME E-Livestock complex, driven by record volume in CME E-Live Cattle futures. The CME E-Livestock contracts set a new volume record of 1,844 futures contracts traded. CME E-Live Cattle trades made up of the majority of that activity at 1,674 futures, also a record. Click here to see the March 9 CME press release. CME E-Live Cattle, CME E-Feeder Cattle and CME E-Lean Hog futures trade on the CME® Globex® platform side-by-side with the CME livestock products trading on the floor.

Volume Growth
Since the introduction of the market maker program in January 2005, the CME E-Livestock complex has seen continued growth in trading volume and market participation. In March 2005, over 16,000 CME E-Livestock contracts traded, an increase of 56% over January 2005 levels.
This volume growth is a result of broader participation in CME E-Livestock markets, with several groups of new users, including FCM’s, Introducing Brokers, Institutional traders and retail brokers helping build liquidity in these markets. There continue to be five market makers actively posting bids and offers in this growing market.

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