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Structural Change in the Meat and Poultry Processing

By Michael Ollinger, Sang V. Nguyen, Donald Blayney, Bill Chambers, and Ken Nelson, Economic Research service, USDA – Consolidation and structural changes in the food industry have had profound impacts on firms, employees, and communities in many parts of the United States. This report examines consolidation and structural change in meatpacking, poultry slaughter and processing, […]

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Canada: Energy Superpower?

By Peter Tertzakian – CALGARY — Canada’s influence on the world energy stage is huge, and most of us don’t even know it. In any business environment, influence is exerted by those with low-cost products and ample productive capacity. Oil is no exception. We have a lot of productive capacity. Our Western Canada Sedimentary Basin […]

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Oil May Rise as Refiners Boost Output, Survey Shows

May 27 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil prices may rise for a second week as refiners increase processing to boost gasoline stockpiles for the peak-demand summer season, which begins this weekend in the U.S., a Bloomberg survey showed. Thirty-two of 56 analysts and strategists polled by Bloomberg, or 57 percent, said oil prices will rise next […]

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Mexico Capitalising on LATAM Mining Dramas

By Tim Wood – NEW YORK ( — Mexican mining officials made a strong showing at that the New York Institutional Gold Conference this week. Led by Dr. Salvador Ortiz-Vértiz, the General Mining Coordinator of the Ministry of Economy, the delegation primed investors on the country’s placid political conditions and market reforms, especially in the […]

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Commodity Funds Can Diversify Portfolio

By Meg Richards – NEW YORK — If you own both stock and bond funds, you probably consider yourself well-diversified. But research by Lipper Inc. suggests broad exposure to commodities like gold, oil and copper can go a long way toward rounding out a mutual fund portfolio, as long as you understand the risks. One […]

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Euro holds ground despite political turmoil

By Steve Johnson – The euro held its ground on Monday in spite of mounting political turmoil across the eurozone. Gerhard Schröder, the German chancellor, called for an early general election after seeing his Social Democratic party suffer a crushing defeat in its erstwhile stronghold of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state. (more…)

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The Coffee Maven

Chana R. Schoenberger – NEW YORK – It’s difficult to miss Jeanette Schwarz Young as she trades coffee futures and options at the New York Board of Trade. At the downtown Manhattan exchange, traders must wear either blazers or colored jackets with their floor passes and trading names attached. The 5-foot-4-inch tall Schwarz Young sports […]

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CME Announces Certified Options Partner Program

Twelve Firms to Provide Front-End Solutions for Options Trading CHICAGO, May 19 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its initiative for increasing the volume of electronic trading for options on foreign exchange, equity indexes and interest rates, CME, the largest futures exchange in the U.S., today announced the new CME-Certified Options Partner Program listed below. This […]

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ABN AMRO joins China forex market

BEIJING, May 19 — ABN AMRO yesterday became one of the first international firms to enter China’s interbank foreign exchange trading market by signing an agreement with the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS). ABN AMRO can now provide competitive executable prices to clients on China’s ground-breaking CFETS, a subsidiary of the People’s Bank of […]

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