Deutsche Bank is largest forex house in the World

Deutsche Bank has become the largest foreign exchange trading bank in Asia, and the world, according to a major global market share survey undertaken by respected capital markets magazine, Euromoney.
The Euromoney’s 2005 survey gathered information from nearly 4,500 wholesale foreign exchange clients globally, including corporate treasurers and fund managers.
According to the results, Deutsche Bank is the pre-eminent foreign exchange trading house in Asia with 17.04% market share. The Euromoney poll reported that Citigroup had an Asian market share of 12.58%, while UBS and HSBC had 11.22% and 10.05%, respectively.

Deutsche Bank’s overall global foreign exchange market share now stands at 16.72%, reportedly 4% ahead of UBS (12.47%) and more than double that of Citigroup, which Euromoney said has 7.5%.
According to Singapore-based Clifford Cheah, Head of Foreign Exchange, Asia, Deutsche Bank’s strong market share in Asia is a reflection of the commitment it makes to individual countries throughout the region.
“Deutsche Bank is one of the few global players which has committed people and technology to each local market in Asia and is focused on development of strong market liquidity,” said Cheah.
Gunit Chadha, Chief Executive, Deutsche Bank, India, said, “Deutsche Bank’s FX sales and trading desk delivers a wide range of innovative foreign exchange services to local clients in India from research through to trade execution with experts based in country.”
In the 2005 Euromoney survey, Deutsche Bank ranked in the top four for all Asian currencies in “the best for currencies section”, including: Yen (all cross currencies), the Chinese Yuan, the HK dollar, the Singapore Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Thai Baht, the Korean Won, the New Taiwan Dollar, the Indonesian Rupiah, the Philippine Peso and the Indian Rupee.
Deutsche Bank also received accolades as the leading e-trading proprietary platform, and for the Best Foreign Exchange research house in economic fundamentals.
Source: India Info Online

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    Deutsche Bank is largest forex house in the World

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