The Global Market for Credit Derivatives

DUBLIN, Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 2, 2005–Research and Markets has announced the addition of E-Learning Course – Credit Derivatives to their offering.
A comprehensive e-learning product covering the concepts, procedures, market participants, and various statutes that govern the process & participants.

Themes of the course:
– Fundamentals of Credit Derivatives
– Analysis of complex issues and different applications
– Global perspective of Credit Derivatives to financial
institutions, central banks and regulatory agencies
The development of credit derivatives is a logical extension of
two significant developments: securitization, and derivatives.
Credit derivatives are contracts that transfer an asset’s risk and
return from one counterparty to another without transferring
ownership of the underlying asset. The choice of the contract depends
upon the goals a financial institution is looking to achieve. The
global market for credit derivatives is still quite small compared
with other derivatives markets, but it is growing rapidly. A number
of impediments could slow the growth of this market, most of which
revolve around the complexity involved in pricing and documenting
these transactions.
After completing this course, you will be able to understand:
– Accounting and control considerations
– Why deals are structured in certain ways
– The importance of risk management and control matters
– The impact of E-commerce on credit derivatives trading
– Taxation issues arising from credit derivatives
– Regulatory risks surrounding credit derivatives transactions
Every professional involved in the global financial services
industry (as a provider, user, regulator or advisor of
product/services, marketplace/exchange) would benefit from these
innovative solutions.
The course consists of a library of 23 courses as follows:
1. Overview to Credit Derivatives Objectives
2. Credit Risk
3. Credit Rating Dynamics
4. Emerging Markets
5. Classic Credit Derivatives
6. Total Return Swaps
7. Structured Notes
8. Repackaged Notes
9. Credit Portfolio Securitization Structures
10. Case Studies for CPSS
11. Credit Default Swaps
12. Case Studies for Credit Default Swaps
13. Credit Spread Options
14. Bank and Institutional Applications
15. Investor Applications
16. Corporate Applications
17. Pricing Credit Derivative Instruments
18. Risks Involved In Credit Derivatives
19. Documentation Objectives
20. Regulations
21. Legal Issues Objectives
22. Accounting
23. Taxation
Case studies include:
– Rose
– Nations Bank Commercial Loan Master Trust
– Glacier
– Bistro
– Eisberg Finance Ltd.
– C Star
– Bank Synthetic Securitization
– Single Name Credit Risk Transfer
– H.K Synthetic Deal
– The Fourth Promise Securitization Programme
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