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The idea of a Finance Portal seems like a natural next step for Google, after all people adopt whatever information sorting product or service that Google offers, mostly because it’s probably obvious to Google, what it is that people would use if someone built it. However, there’s currently no great features or tools to provide insight to investors of commodity futures on

I’ll admit that I use Google News search almost every day, over their competitors, although I find myself using the Finance Portal on Yahoo almost as often for checking stock quotes, looking up ticker symbols, and a general overview of the markets and to scan top stories but I really appreciate Google Alerts and the News Search engine.
My first observation about the Google Finance Portal is that it’s rather stark, like their search engine homepage, but I soon realized that it’s essentially another branded landing page for the Google News Search function, with some great stock quote search tools, and portfolio tracking. Stills this new portal is a good first step and Chris Gilmor of the wrote a comprehensive article about why this new finance portal is so news worthy. Here’s an excerpt from Chris’s article:
Good move for Google. This looks like a Yahoo Finance beater for sure. Everything is layed out extremely nice with the Google Finance interface, with ease of navigation, and plenty of information at your fingertips.
In closing; since I’m a webmaster and editor of Commodity Trader I’m always impressed by the unique ways that Google allows us web developers, to interface our sites with their data, and very impressed with their new web traffic analytic software to help understand how people are using the web sites and Blogs we publish. Now it’ll be really interesting to watch how Google provides us with API’s (application program interface) and systems to pull live quotes, market date, and more finance news through to our sites.
Also, watch how Google adds Commodity information, so they fill the needs of a broader audience. Thanks Google!


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