Jurgens Bauer

Longtime commodity floor broker Jurgens Hartmann Bauer is an associate of Pappalardo Investment Company, or (PICO), one of the premier floor brokerage operations on the New York Board of Trade, or (NYBOT). PICO concentrates on the execution of customer orders in cotton futures and options on behalf of a variety of industry participants. Bauer serves PICO as Vice President in charge of business development.

Jurgens has served the industry in numerous aspects, beginning as a retail broker with Merrill Lynch in 1980, moving on to Shearson Lehman, later Shearson American Express, and after a brief stint in the marketing department of the COMEX, he joined Dunavant. While with Dunavant he was instrumental in growing the cotton option market from a piece of tape on the floor into one of the most successful agricultural commodity option markets in the worlds.
Bauer is a 1978 graduate of Alfred University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Originally from Syracuse, N.Y., Bauer has lived the past 22 years in Maplewood NJ, where he remains active in the community. It is in Maplewood, that he raised his two children from his first marriage, a son Jurgens Ryan age 23, and daughter, Kendall Jane 19. He is very happily re-married and he and his wife Ann have a 1 and a half year old son Callan James.
Jurgens is a member of the NYBOT and owns his own options permit which enables him to transact customer business on all NYBOT option products. In addition to filling customer orders, he also authors “Jurgens’ e-cotton comments,” a daily commentary on the NY Cotton market. Jurgens is available for questions and may be reached via email at Jurgensb@gmail.com

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