Manduca Trading

Established by Bob Maurer and Dave Heltmach, Manduca Trading is based in the Financial District of Chicago. Manduca prides itself not only in providing high-quality technology to it’s customers, but also in the level of customer service that sets the high-water mark for the industry.

“We deliver a level of service far beyond that of a typical call center,” states founder Dave Heltmach, “Whether our customers are trading online or through one of our financial professionals, our customers rest assured that a qualified and knowledgeable person will be available to promptly assist them with their trading needs.”
“We were in the business before the electronic market took off,” states Heltmach, “and we saw the growing frustration among online traders at traditional web-based firms. They experienced a lack of customer service, staff with rather weak knowledge of the markets, and numerous system failures. Traders now demand not only competitive commission rates and high-end technology in their trading platforms, but they also value and expect unmatched customer service that cannot be found at the typical call-center brokerage firm. Our clients also love the fact that they have the advantage of doing business with a company that provides such a wide array of products and services.”
“Manduca Trading is committed to providing the latest in technology for our customers, unparalleled instant customer service, knowledgeable market professionals, competitive commission rates and high-quality research,” states co-founder Bob Maurer.
“An innovative service, since launching VIEWtures customers and potential clients have shown an overwhelming support,” Bob Maurer states, “as VIEWtures uniquely delivers what we consider the most vital of news, research, commentary, and trade information on the markets; all in a condensed face to face format.”
Our mission is simple: We will strive for your complete satisfaction.
Manduca Trading LLC is an Independent Introducing Broker. They are a member of the National Futures Association and registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
Contact Manduca Trading
Manduca Trading LLC
209 W. Jackson, Suite 600
Chicago , Illinois 60606
Call toll-free 800-288-8802

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