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Milk Futures

Starting in early 2001, milk futures became available for trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Because this product is relatively new and the market is not well understood, many investors have shied away from trading this commodity. To assist those wanting to learn a little bit more about this market, today’s article will go through […]

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US Futures Summary

Summer volatility yields new questions, opportunities Notable moves since our last US Futures Summary report (4/5) include a sharp 4% drop in the US Dollar index, a $7 round trip in crude, a $140 rally in gold (followed by $100 drop), huge swings in the price of silver and the worst May performance in 22 […]

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Copper July

Copper Futures

After a bull move of historic proportions copper has finally seemed to “quite down” some. Typically, after a large move such as this a market will enter an expanded trading range. While we don’ t know what the implied volatility of any option is, we do know all the other factors. Therefore, we can input […]

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