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Seminar at BM&F discusses Public and Private Sector investment opportunities with the Chinese for the State of São Paulo
The Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange hosted on Tuesday, August 29th, the seminar “Investment Opportunities in the State of São Paulo with Emphasis on Public-Private Partnerships”.

BM&F’s Chairman, Manoel Felix Cintra Neto; the Governor of São Paulo, Claudio Lembo; Maria Helena Guimarães de Castro, secretary of Science, Technology and Economic Development; Fernando Carvalho Braga, secretary of Finance and Planning; Dario Rais Lopes, secretary of Transport; Miao Gengshu, president of the China Council for International Investment Promotion; Yu Hua, from the Investment Promotion Agency of China’s Ministry of Commerce; Li Jiaoyun, the Chinese Consul General in São Paulo; Edemir Pinto, BM&F’s CEO; and several of the Exchange’s directors participated in the event, which was held in partnership with the government of the State of São Paulo.
More than 46 Chinese entrepreneurs from the metallurgy and infrastructure sectors, among others, attended the event’s lectures. The Governor of São Paulo, Claudio Lembo, highlighted the importance of exchanging ideas with future investors: “We would like the Chinese to invest in Brazil as partners. The State of São Paulo is a pioneer in the Private-Public Sector Partnership program and we would like to work together with the Chinese. Only through economic development can we guarantee society’s progress”.
“We have detected the interest of Chinese entrepreneurs and their government in establishing a growing commerce with Brazil. BM&F understands China’s interest in acquiring our products at a better price. The best way to cut costs is to invest in infrastructure”, explained BM&F’s Chairman, Manoel Felix Cintra Neto, in his opening speech. Mr. Cintra Neto informed that the Exchange is studying creating a contract based on soybean that meets the needs of the Chinese.
According to Miao Gengshu, president of the International Chinese Investment Promotion Council, Brazil is China’s main partner in Latin America. “Our bilateral relationship has intensified itself in the areas of trade and economics. And these discussions help bring investments to both sides”, said Gengshu.
Since 2004, BM&F has a representative office in Shanghai to promote business between both countries.

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