Parrot Trading Partners

If you have traveled overseas in the past few weeks you might have seen managing principal of Parrot Trading Partners, LLC, Jes Santaularia, on CNN International. Jes was featured on as part of a CNN International segment called, “Passion to Portfolio”, featuring 13 entrepreneurs worldwide.

The theme of the segment was to feature entrepreneurs from around the world that have taken a hobby or passion and turned it into a potentially high growth business. Jes was selected as one of three U.S. entrepreneurs to be featured because of his ability to apply his passion for trading options into a high growth business, Parrot Trading Partners, LLC. The other two U.S. entrepreneurs scheduled are Ted Turner (of TBS and Atlanta Braves fame) and former Olympian Carl Lewis.
“Passion to Portfolio”
Jes was also selected to be one of five entrepreneurs in a 30 minute segment for CNN International. This longer segment will feature each entrepreneur for approximately 5-6 minutes, shadowing their daily work lives. It is scheduled to air sometime in November.
To view the one minute vignettes, please click on the link Note: Please be patient with the download; it is a large file.

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