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Titan Commodities Management, Ltd. offers privately managed accounts to accredited investors with the ability to earn an annualized minimum of 20% return before management is eligible for success-based commissions. The primary objective of Titan Commodities Management, Ltd. (“Titan”) is to generate a realized profit of 2% per month for its clients by utilizing Titan’s proprietary trading system in the foreign exchange market.

Titan’s secondary objective is to outperform the 2% “return hurdle,” as the Investment Manager (“Manager”) ONLY profits when Titan books a net monthly profit greater than 2%. This ensures that investors are the primary focus and the Manager is held to a “success only” based incentive structure.
Additionally, if there is a negative impact from open positions when the books are closed at year end, Investors have a golden parachute of sorts. If the Investors’ capital accounts have not increased by 20% annualized (“Minimum Return”), then the Manager shall repay to the Company an amount equal to the difference between the actual net return to the Member Investors and the Minimum Return; provided, however, that the Manager shall not be obligated to repay an amount greater than the cumulative management fee for the year. This condition further supports the fact that Investors profit before the Manager.
Investment Strategy
Titan will attempt to achieve maximum returns and simultaneously mitigate risk through the use of its mathematical trading algorithm. This algorithm has been continually refined over the last ten years and is projected to produce a net monthly return of at least 3% and often times, greater than 7%. (Upon request, Performance Records of an account that utilized Titan’s algorithm will be made available to accredited investors.)
Titan is prepared to manage a maximum of $300 million. In anticipation of rapidly appreciating member principle balances, Titan is committed to limiting its initial offering per privately managed account to $100 million.
The Opportunity
Foreign Exchange Trading, often referred to as “Forex” is not only the biggest market in the world, it is often said to be the best opportunity for consistently large profits. The daily volume of over $1.5 trillion in the Forex market dwarfs the total combined volume of the Nikkei, NASDAQ, FTSE, NYSE, and DAX. Additionally, the market is open twenty-four hours per day, from late Sunday (EST) to 5:00 pm (EST) on Friday evening. While some people get concerned about volatility in this almost continuously open market, it is important to understand, it is exactly that which creates an extraordinary opportunity for Titan, with a combination of an experienced portfolio manager and a superior execution model.
The Trading System
Titan’s trading model is based on mathematically derived algorithms designed specifically to create a “no money-losing trade” money management paradigm. While this system is proprietary and highly guarded, there are several aspects that can be disclosed. Titan only trades currencies that are backed by countries with strong economies and stable governments. Titan will never trade emerging market currencies that may see volatility of double digit gains or losses overnight. By focusing on currencies like the Japanese Yen, U.S. Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, and Swiss Franc, the portfolio manager is able to analyze the amplitude associated with various currency pairs and execute trades that take advantage of highly predictable ranges that such currencies often maintain relative to one another.
A practical example is to think about the value of the Japanese Yen compared to the U.S. Dollar in the case of purchasing a Toyota automobile on U.S. soil. If the ratio between the Yen and Dollar gets too far from its equilibrium, the real cost of a Toyota will skyrocket to perhaps $100,000… a situation that is bad for both Japanese corporations and the American consumer. Likewise, if the ratio between the Canadian Dollar and the U.S. Dollar moves to an extreme level, it might cost $90 for a case of LaBatt’s Blue beer in the U.S.–this is not a realistic scenario. As you can see, it is not difficult to understand why governments, corporations, and consumers alike have a serious need for their currencies to maintain some degree of relative value in the global economy.
Titan uses leverage as most foreign exchange traders do, but to a much lesser extent. The system uses leverage primarily to increase portfolio diversification, which in turn increases profitability. To further reinforce the concept of limiting the use of leverage, it is important to understand that the algorithm used by Titan mitigates an enormous amount of the risk that most Forex traders are exposed to by significantly limiting the possibility of a margin call.
Most importantly, Titan’s trading system is designed to constantly maximize efficiency, or in other words, the time to profitability of each trade, which in turn maximizes performance and profitability for both the Clients and the Manager.
Naturally, trading in foreign currency involves a degree of risk and may not be suitable for every investor. For this reason, investment in Titan is limited to accredited investors. Titan will only manage private accounts of those investors who can demonstrate their qualification as an accredited investor. No reliance should be placed upon any forward-looking statements contained herein. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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