Commodity Traders Almanac

Knowledge of the past and awareness of the present are essential if you intend on successfully navigating the commodities markets. To make the most of your time in these markets–whether you’re trading or hedging–you need the invaluable insights that can only be found in the inaugural edition of the Commodity Traders Almanac.

Organized in an easy-to-access calendar format based on the bestselling Stock Traders Almanac, the Commodity Traders Almanac 2007:
* Highlights important market-based data and informs you of different market tendencies
* Alerts you to both seasonal opportunities and dangers
* Provides monthly and daily reminders
* Furnishes a historical viewpoint by providing pertinent statistics on past market performance as well as the supply/demand trends that create them
Filled with a wealth of information regarding a number of different commodities–from crude oil and coffee to sugar and gold–the Commodity Traders Almanac 2007 will help you locate potentially beneficial market opportunities throughout the course of the year.
Author Information
Scott W. Barrie is a former Chicago Futures Exchange member and has done consulting work for major banks, brokerages, clearinghouses, and commodity pool operators in the area of risk management and market research. A former data coordinator for the Hirsch Organization, Barrie was instrumental in designing and automating the statistics in the Stock Traders Almanac. He has written numerous articles for Stocks & Commodities, Active Trader, and Futures magazines.
Jeffrey A. Hirsch is Editor in Chief of the perennially popular Stock Traders Almanac and Almanac Investor newsletter. He has continued the tradition of Yale Hirsch, the founder, and regularly appears on CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and Bloomberg.
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