Forex Live- on-the-News

Over the past month many of you have contacted us about news trading in FOREX. Due to the overwhelming response we got about this subject we will be putting on a Webinar tomorrow to talk about news trading. If you would you like to know how the world of trading Forex when news releases come out really works then this Webinar is for you.

While no one can guarantee you trading profits, one of our commodity trader colleagues, Dustin Pass, has made trading the news his specialty. He understands the pitfalls and the opportunities, and would like to share them with you.
On Tuesday Feb, 27 at 10am eastern Derek Frey will be discussing trading Forex live-on-the-news with Dustin Pass in a special Webinar event. You are invited to join this special presentation where Dustin will pull back the curtain on how news trading really works and whether it is right for you.
Register below for your ‘virtual seat’ for our “Forex Live- on-the-News” web seminar, where you’ll be able to get a real-time preview of this powerful trading methodology.

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