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The Grain complex has been on a very good run for many months now. However, with all the pressure we are seeing on foreign markets, Asia in particular, there is an ever increasing possibility of a slow down in the dramatic growth they have seen in recent years. If growth in Asia slows, then many commodities could see a pullback as well. Oats tend be lead the rest of the grain complex and they have already seen a pull back off of recent multi-year highs. Looking at the long term monthly chart below you can clearly see that it looks like we have formed a spike.

Each time the market has formed a spike like this in the past, it has then corrected significantly. This is simply a cheap long term trade that positions you short for very little risk. Using past pull backs as a guide one can reasonably expect a 40 – 80 cent pull back or even more given how much we have rallied and the time we have until expiration.
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Oats Futures
Trade Recommendation
Buy July 2007 Oats 240 puts for 7 cents ($350) or less to open a position.
Profit Goal:
Or profit goal would be a move back below 2.00. If we meet that objective the profit will be 33 cents ($1650) on our $350 risk giving you almost 5:1 on your money. Our break even point assuming a 7 cent fill is 2.33 so any move below that would result in a profit.
Risk Analysis:
Max risk, before commissions and fees, and assuming a 7 cent fill, is $350. This occurs at expiration with Oats trading above 240.
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