BM&F Reaches Historic Record

The Brazilian Mercantile & Futures reached the historic record of 2 billion contracts traded, on Monday, April the 16th. The record was reached at 12:16pm, in the Ibovespa futures market, between the brokerage houses Ágora (buyer) and Fator (seller). The four traders responsible for the trade were: Amauri Simões de Almeida Jr. and Rodrigo Mancini (Ágora) and Fernando Jorge Carneiro Filho and Adolfo Nunes Correa Jr. (Fator).

The previous record of 1 billion contracts was reached on October 24th, 2001, at 3:40pm, in the dollar futures market, between the brokerage houses HSBC (buyer) and Hedging Griffo (seller).
BM&F commemorated its first billion contracts after 15 years of trading. The historic record of the second billion came only six years later (after 2 thousand business days).
The Exchange’s vice-Chairman, Renato Diniz Junqueira, stated that “BM&F’s challenge is to reach another billion contracts traded in the next three years”. “This is your achievement” said BM&F’s CEO, Edemir Pinto addressing the traders at the trading floor.
In 2007, BM&F is trading an average of 1.5 million contracts daily. These contracts include interest rate, foreign exchange, stock index, and agricultural commodities, among others. This daily average is almost four times greater than the daily average in 2001, of 397.4 thousand contracts traded. During the first months of 2007, the traded volume grew by 43.7% in comparison to the same period last year.
The Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange began trading on January 31st, 1986. Today, 21 years later, BM&F is among the top ten derivatives exchanges in the world.
* Not including mini contracts (electronic trading).

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