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World Market Indices

World Asset Bubble: Jeremy Grantham Speaks

“From Indian antiquities to modern Chinese art; from land in Panama to Mayfair; from forestry, infrastructure, and the junkiest bonds to mundane blue chips; it’s bubble time!” By now you have probably heard this quote by Jeremy Grantham in his letter to investors (which includes vice president Dick Cheney and a host of other high […]

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Option Queen Letter

Congress is upset about the trade balance with China……Really? Tut, Tut, so, guys and gals, what about the fact that American industries are being sold on the cheap to foreign entities? How many of you recall the ancient adage, “Those who forget the lessons of History are destined to rediscover them!” The tragedy is we […]

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Hedge Fund Royalty

Alpha Magazine Ranks the World’s Biggest Hedge Funds PMorgan receives top honors in Alpha’s 2007 Hedge Fund 100 ranking of the world’s heftiest hedge funds. New York, NY (PRWEB) May 25, 2007 — With a combined $1 trillion in assets under management — a 39 percent increase over last year’s total — the firms in […]

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Gold… “the Safe Haven”

The Gold market has become a very technical trade recently. It feels like the market has lost many investors due to its pull back from the $700 level. This is to be expected, as it fights to earn some allocation of investor capital against a stock market that has made new weekly highs in eight […]

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COT Small Trader

Commitment of Traders Analysis

Who’s on for the rally ride? In today’s information driven society there never seems to be a dearth of data to rummage through and analyze. Because of regulations and the internet, much of the data is public and can be found by using some simple search methods. In the financial world, analysis is key in […]

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Gold Futures

Potentially Bearish Rising Wedge in June Gold

June gold futures have just recently formed a potentially bearish rising wedge pattern on the daily bar chart. Following last week’s sharp losses, the market has seen a few sessions of tepid short covering and bottom-fishing by traders. This minor corrective bounce has formed the rising wedge formation on the daily chart. Bears would gain […]

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Forex: The week ahead.

The cable continues to retreat as expected. We still feel that 1.96 should prove to be strong near term support. We expect some kind of bounce once we reach the 1.96 handle. EUR/USD This pair has also been down trending and here to we expect support at 1.34 to hold in the near term. This […]

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Doji patterns

Doji Candlestick Company

If you haven’t noticed it, be cognizant that major financial markets around the world have been reaching record highs. I am sure you already knew that, but it’s great news for the everyday investor. Although this is all fine and dandy, be alert that some analysts and researchers have been talking about the “frothiness” of […]

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In Gold We Trust

The Gold futures market has been a rollercoaster ride for the last few months – trading in the spot month to almost $700/oz. down to the $640’s/oz., and everywhere in between. It truly reminds me of the Gold market of 1979 in many ways, although the 1979 market was much more volatile producing $100 trading […]

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