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Gold Correction

The Gold market experienced a dramatic correction this week. (Ending 7/27) The Stock Market has enjoyed trading on its all time highs recently. However with recent reports indicating a slump in the housing sector it sent concerns that the economy was peaking and the Stock Market may be over bought. This caused a frantic sell-off […]

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Sept 07 U.S. T-bond Futures

U.S. T-Bond Bulls Gaining Technical Strength

September U.S. Treasury Bond futures on Friday hit a fresh six-week high of 108 22/32. Price action early this week has matched last Friday’s high, but has so far been unable to push above that near-term technical resistance level. The bulls have gained upside technical momentum recently to suggest that a near-term market low is […]

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Option Queen Letter

The market enjoyed a wonderful run to the 14000 level and did, in fact, close at that level, in the Thursday session. While the Friday downdraft that followed that Dow-Jones record-closing high, felt as though the bottom had fallen out of the hot-air-balloon ride, it, in fact, only jiggled a bit, scaring the occupants of […]

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Gold Bounces Back….

The Gold futures market has taken advantage of the weakness of the U.S. Dollar this past week. Nearby Gold futures have has rallied over $30.00 per ounce since June 26th. In my opinion, there are several reasons for this: FOMC Chairman Ben Bernanke’s acknowledgement of a very weak housing market sector, the threat of inflation, […]

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Sept Crude Oil

Crude Oil Pushes Above $75.00; Bulls Eyeing $80.00

Crude oil futures prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange Tuesday pushed above major psychological resistance at $75.00 a barrel. “It’s 80 before 60” is the mantra heard on the trading floor, referring to the notion that crude oil futures prices will touch $80.00 a barrel before they back off to the $60.00-a-barrel level. The […]

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S&P 500 Option Open Interest Analysis

Here we are in another option expiration week. The major markets have broke through their respective old highs and are trading at or near record levels (except for the NASDAQ which has another 45% to reach its record highs, but is still trading at a six year high). Traders are trading with the bullish disposition […]

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Gold Rebounds….

The Gold market has shown its ability to rebound and bounce back from adversity. Since June 27th the Gold market has rallied from $642.70 to its present level $664.00 (July 11th) virtually unnoticed. In my opinion the market was over-bought at the $700.00 level and created a profit take and stop/loss selling frenzy that caused […]

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December Cotton Futures

Major Bull Market Run in Cotton Futures

December cotton futures on the New York Board of Trade have seen a sudden and steep uptrend develop over the past few weeks. In fact, in around six weeks’ time December cotton went from a fresh contract low in mid-June to a fresh contract high in early July. Bullish fundamentals include less U.S. planted acres […]

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