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Gold Futures

Gold Trade Recommendation

Gold has seen a very impressive rally since breaking out above 700. While in the longer term we expect this trend to continue, in the very near term we have a number of factors that lead us to believe a pullback is about to begin. We see a very strong seasonal tendency for gold to […]

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Coffee Futures

Jurgens Bauer’s Coffee Comments

While I’m not ringing a bell and calling for a major top in the coffee market, I think Tuesday’s action looked a lot like the life guards clearing the pool in preparation for adult swim time. Regular readers will note that I called for such an opportunity to get short and sell into expected strength […]

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Crude Oil Futures

Price Uptrend in Crude Oil Remains Powerful

November crude oil prices recently hit a fresh contract high above $82.00 a barrel. Prices then backed off on some profit-taking pressure and challenged trendline support from an uptrend line drawn off the August low, but could not punch below it. Bulls are still in firm technical command of crude oil and the price uptrend […]

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Forex Market Update

The Fed. did surprise the investment world with its .50 rate cut last week. The reason we are in the mess we are in is low interest rates, so could someone please explain to me how lowering rates is going to fix this problem? The FOMC is supposed to be primarily concerned with inflation. Gold […]

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Bull/Bear Debate – Stagflation

Recent bull/bear debates following the 50 basis point cut in rates have stirred even further debates on inflation readings and the chances of a recession. Although the dialogue has been split between those who believe the cut will fend off a recession and those that believe inflation will spike as a result, we would like […]

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Continuous Commodity Index

CCI Reflects Major Bull Run in Raw Commodity Markets

Record-high crude oil and wheat futures prices, gold futures prices nearing historic highs and a sharply lower value of the U.S. dollar versus the other major currencies are a bullish cocktail that has pushed the Continuous Commodity Index to a 30-plus year high just this week. The CCI is a basket of major raw commodity […]

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A Healthy Bull/Bear Debate

As I mentioned earlier, I felt rejuvenated after my little break. However, the Fed quickly interrupted that feeling with a 50 basis point (bps) rate cut at the discount window and a 50 bps cut in the federal funds rate. The bears had it going for a while, but bears were quickly cut short by […]

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Gold Blasts Off !

The Gold market has truly taken off in the past month. It has traded from $652.00 on August 17th up to $726.50 on September 14th. The Gold has rebounded and has been aided by higher energy prices and a weaker U.S. Dollar. Even with the ongoing Mortgage and Credit Industry debacle that caused many investors […]

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Option Queen Letter

Sadly, what we now need, to avoid a recession, is a good war: unfortunately, we are already so involved; but a good war is the only way to spend our way out of a possible recession; hence, we’re obliged to either increase the war or, to start another war. Wars are inherently good for the […]

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March 2008 Cocoa

Cocoa Option Trade Recommendation

Cocoa has seen a long term up trend for all of 2007. In just the last few weeks we have seen a nice pullback in this rally and we are using this pullback to reposition ourselves long this market. Technically we have just gotten a strong buy signal from the Williams %R indicator show in […]

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