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G7 Trade Recommendation

This is a trade on tomorrow’s G7 meeting. The European Union has publicly stated that the appreciation of the Euro against the Dollar is becoming an ever increasing problem for its exports. Part of the discussion at the G7 meeting will be how to deal with this issue and our sources tell us to expect […]

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U.S. T-Bond Bulls Challenge Trend-Line Resistance

December U.S. Treasury bond futures on Wednesday rallied two a fresh two-week high as the bulls regained some fresh upside technical momentum. Price action Wednesday also challenged a downtrend line drawn off the September and October highs. A push and close solidly above that down-trend line, to negate it, would provide the bulls with better […]

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The Ultimate Bull Market

During the past two months the price of Gold has traded from $652.00 on August 16th to $765.50 on October 15th. This has truly become a “Bull” traders dream. Most of this tremendous upside, in my opinion, can be attributed to a very weak U.S. Dollar caused primarily to the credit crunch in the housing […]

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Forex Market Update

We continue to patiently wait for more strength in the dollar. As I have mentioned in past issues we are not looking for a macro change in trend but really just a dead cat bounce. We have seen the Dollar bounce already but it has so far been unable to follow through. We expect follow […]

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Orange Juice Trade Recommendation

The OJ market has seen a sharp move higher today and we are reading this as a short squeeze. We could see it go a bit higher but with the 2007 hurricane season ending with no hurricanes in sight. the fear that has kept this market up should begin to come out. Our Proprietary models […]

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Record High Malaise

Unless you have been hiding in a Kush mountain range cave like Osama Bin Laden (if he’s still even around), then you have been hearing about U.S. and global equity markets reaching new record highs. If I’m not mistaken, I heard on CNBC this morning that the DJIA has hit a record high some 40+ […]

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Derek Frey’s Market Comments

The theme this week will be continued strength in the Dollar. This short term strength will stall many of the rallies we have seen in commodities including but not limited to the Grains, Energy, and Metals. You will see an overall contraction of the CRB index. We see this as healthy and in fact necessary […]

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Gold Backs Off; No Chart Damage…Yet

December gold futures on Tuesday saw a steep sell off on profit-taking pressure from recent strong gains and on a solid rebound in the value of the U.S. dollar versus the other major currencies. A steep uptrend line on the daily chart for December gold was penetrated on the downside and negated Tuesday, but no […]

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Currency Comments

The major theme for this week is a dead cat bounce in the dollar. While we are in no way bullish the dollar we do see it staging a dead cat bounce in the not too distant future. Europe Euro, Pound, Swiss Franc The Euro has seen a very strong run up past the 142. […]

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