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Jurgens Bauer’s Cocoa Comments

After starting out of the gate strong on Wednesday morning (March opened outcry at 1979+25), cocoa prices pulled back to settle unchanged on the day. For this obvious bull I was concerned, especially when looking at the short term picture. I do however continue to hold my long view towards this market and anticipate a […]

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Futures Market Overview

We have begun to see the Treasury department act to defend the Dollar. Last week we saw one of the largest infusions of capital by the Treasury in 21 years. While this did not yet turn the tide for the Dollar it is an initial sign that they are beginning to back up there “strong […]

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Forex Market Update

We made it through last week with most of the data coming out in support of the Dollar. At the same time the Dollar has yet to find a bid. So it looks like we will need even more of a catalyst to turn the dollar up. The next major event will Thursday’s ECB rate […]

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Bearish Rising Wedge on Daily CCI Chart

The daily bar chart for the Continuous Commodity Index (CCI) is still in solid price uptrend and just recently hit a fresh 30-plus year high. The CCI is a basket of major raw commodity futures prices rolled into one composite price index. The CCI is also an excellent barometer of the general price trend of […]

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Fingers of Instability, Part X

The markets are rocking: precious metals, commodities, raw materials, energy, interest rates, foreign currencies, the dollar and more are providing opportunities, up and down to the prepared investor. The tsunami of money and credit creation required to underpin the asset-backed economies of the G7 has provided opportunities as far as the eye can see. And […]

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