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New Year Market Analysis

As the New Year approaches the typical topic of discussion is to prognosticate, predict, and further espouse a view of what the future will bring. Our view is not a pretty view, well, certainly not in the short-term, but a view that becomes somewhat less gloomy as the year 2008 progresses. (more…)

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Coffee Bulls Have Upside Technical Momentum

March coffee futures are in a six-week-old uptrend on the daily bar chart and hit a fresh nine-week high of 136.00 cents on Wednesday. Coffee bulls do have upside near-term technical momentum and are looking for more on the upside in the near term. See, too, that the shorter-term moving averages I follow (9- and […]

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The Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange-BM&F SA ended its Initial Public Offering (IPO) process with the participation of 260,946 investors. All of the 299,184,846 common shares offered to the market were sold. This figure includes 39.02 million common shares to cover over-allotments. The IPO generated BRL5.983 billion, absorbed in its totality by the selling shareholders. […]

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Option Queen Letter

On Friday December 14, 2007 ICE Futures US, announced that the open-out-cry markets, for all but a hand full of futures contracts, will end removing the trades to cyber-space. Yes, options will continue to trade on the floor in open-out-cry, but futures will be gone from the pits. While we understand the expense involved with […]

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O&F Forex News

Last weeks FOMC report came out within the expectations. As we forecasted, it turned out to be good for the Dollar. We have now seen significant moves in the Dollar against all of the majors. This Week we are expecting a small near term pullback in the Dollar which we will use to add to […]

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Crude Oil Breaking Down; Commodity Bulls Beware

January crude oil futures on Thursday hit a fresh six-week low and traded below $86.00 a barrel. The market has taken a haircut to the tune of around $14.00 a barrel from the all-time high above $99.00 scored a couple weeks ago. Serious near-term technical damage has been inflicted to suggest that at least a […]

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U.S. Dollar Trying to Recover; More Work Yet

The U.S. dollar index is an excellent barometer for monitoring the overall health of the U.S. dollar as it trades against the other major currencies. The March dollar index futures hit a fresh all-time low last month, and a downtrend line is still in place on the daily bar chart. See on the daily bar […]

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Golden Swings

The volatility in the commodity markets has been tremendous and in my opinion can be traced to several factors. These factors include such items as high energy prices, the ongoing mortgage debacle and ensuing credit crunch, the possibility of future rate cuts, and geo-political tensions, just to name a few. These have all combined in […]

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