Mike Daily Joins Super Futures

SuperFutures is proud to announce the arrival of Mike Daly to lead our Marketing and Gold trading divisions. Mike is a former Goldman Sachs and J.Aron Gold Broker and a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Gold Committee. In addition Mike has been a member and active broker and Trader of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange,Chicago board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Mike brings 25 years of knowledge and experience to SuperFutures.

About Super Futures

  • SuperFutures is a unique and finely engineered commodity trading environment for experienced commodity traders.
  • SuperFutures is an Independent Introducing Broker that specializes in trading futures, options on futures and sophisticated combinations of these derivatives.
  • SuperFutures offers an incredible range of research. This research covers quantitative, qualitative and market specific analysis.
  • SuperFutures offers highly sophisticated theoretical financial consultation. If you need to balance your portfolio of assets that may include real estate, stocks, bonds and illiquid assets, SuperFutures will be able to provide you with the latest academic research. Drawing on top academic research from Universities around the world, you may be able to enhance your portfolio returns with the use of Futures and Options on Futures.
  • SuperFutures offers you the widest choice of trading environment alternatives by offering you access to multiple FCM’s. This type of access allows you to customize a trading environment highly suited for your trading needs.
  • SuperFutures will make your trading environment easier and less expensive.
  • SuperFutues will help you understand Beta’s, the CAPM, Markowitz frontier efficiency and multi-variate pricing models.

As SuperFutures enjoyed its’ 10 year anniversary in 2004, their highly sophisticated trading environment continues to prove to the market place its’ worth. While many companies over this 10 year period have come and gone, SuperFutures continues to grow and thrive via the satisfaction of it’s client base.
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