Golden Choice

The U.S economy is banking very heavily on President Obama’s recent signing of the economic stimulus plan. The U.S. as well as world economies have certainly had plenty of poor economic numbers in the past 18 months such as record unemployment, record foreclosures, long time Financial Institutions needing bail-outs just to name a few.
I am not sure if there is a quick fix or a crystal ball solution. It has become clear our present economic condition certainly did not happen over night and it will not magically repair itself over night. Investors who once had disposable income to invest are now using those monies as priority income. This has become a sign of the times.

 In my opinion Investors are moving monies from the Stock Market in the precious metals primarily gold as a “SAFE HAVEN” or using the gold as a “LEVERAGE” to offset margins in their Stock portfolios. This is a rough period to be trading Stocks especially when every day these ICON fortune 500 companies reveal there economic woes.
During this economic crisis the gold market has performed extremely well. Once again Gold is heading closer to the $1000 per oz. level and the U.S Stock market as well as the Energy markets have certainly taken a beating over the past 6 months or so. If you are trading these markets I highly recommend using “Stop LOSS Orders” or using options to Hedge your future positions. These recent market swings have been absolutely phenomenal.
I expect for this trend to continue. My recommendations truly change from minute to minute these days. However there are opportunities out there. Do your research and “DUE DILLIGENCE”… Remember “the Market is always RIGHT”.I have been trading gold “call’ spreads recently and I have found it to be a practical way to trade and sleep nights. Please feel to contact me and we can discuss some strategies that fit your trading style.
Mike Daly

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