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March 31 bond

T-Bonds Grind Higher on Weak Data

Weaker than expected data reported in the Chicago PMI along with sagging consumer confidence managed to keep selling pressure muted. As a result, Treasury bonds and notes spent early morning trade grinding higher but failed to ignite momentum trade. Despite the uptick in equities, safety players saw no reason to ditch coupon paying Treasuries. As […]

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It’s all about confidence

Have things gotten better? I don’t know, but investor’s confidence has returned. It’s not so much that things have improved dramatically, but rather that investors are willing to take some risks now that we have gotten more clarification from Bernanke, Geithner and Co. After weeks of waiting, we finally received more details on the programs […]

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wheat futures chart

Wheat Bears Gain Fresh Downside Momentum

Soft red winter wheat futures at the Chicago Board of Trade have slumped this week to produce fresh near-term technical damage. The May futures contract this week has shed over 40 cents in value as of Wednesday’s close. The next downside price objective for the recharged wheat bears is to push and close May futures […]

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March 25 T-Bond

Positive Economic Data Drags on Treasury Futures

A lack of demand for sovereign debt and a poor showing in domestic auctions left Treasury futures vulnerable. The Fed issued $34 billion in 5-year notes and are expected to issue a boatload ($24 billion) of the new 7-year note issues. As we have also pointed out, corporations have been scrambling to sell fixed income […]

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Lean hogs continuation chart

The other White Meat – Lean Hogs

Lean hogs are traded on the CME, one futures contract is equal to 40,000 lbs which is a whole lot of swine. Every penny in lean hogs equates to $400, the current price of June lean hogs is just under 73 cents. Prices for this contract month ytd have been just above 80 cents and […]

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History of U.S. Taxpayer Revolt

Taxpayer revolts have historically been a problem for many countries. The USA’s history of a taxpayer revolt much began with the Colonist revolt against the “Tea Tax” or the “Stamp Tax” as it was called, resulting in the colonists flooding theBoston Harbor with tea. The “Stamp Act” was passed on March 22, 1765. Have we […]

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Don’t Fight the Fed

The Fed’s surprise move yesterday has changed the financial landscape. Their is an old saying on Wall Street which says don’t fight the Fed. Clearly that was the case yesterday. While the Fed is doing everything in it’s power to ensure the economy does not implode the immediate reaction is the US dollar selling off […]

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Gold and Silver prices

Silver Predicted to Outperform Gold

March 18, 2009 – New York , NY – The Hennessee Group LLC, an adviser to hedge fund investors, believes silver is currently underpriced relative to gold and is therefore advising clients to accumulate positions in the precious metal. Charles Gradante, Co-Founder of the Hennessee Group, stated “While we see both gold and silver as […]

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Quadruple Witch Week

It is no wonder that the banks are making money these days. They have a 6 or more point spread between where they are borrowing and where they are lending. If we look at the credit card spread; it balloons out to an average of 12 basis points. Not a bad return. As to the […]

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