John Kurgan

John Kurgan has over 24 years experience in the investment business with the last 19 years of his career spent at MF Global or its predecessor Refco Futures. His extensive knowledge and experience in the complex world of futures has proven to be of great benefit to clients during these very uncertain times.
John’s investment philosophy combines macro fundamental trends with technical analysis to provide his clients with sound trading strategies. He believes that a huge factor in successful trading is finding the proper balance between risk and reward. Sound money management techniques are more essential now than at any time in recent investment history.

Timely information, analysis, advice and trading suggestions establish the foundation for a sound working partnership with clients seeking superior results. John provides an extraordinarily high level of full service brokerage with the primary goal of capitalizing on the leveraged opportunities in these markets while making risk management a key priority.
For anyone wishing to explore the current opportunities and “talk futures” live with John please contact him by phone at (416) 369-7926 or email him directly.

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