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John Kurgan

John Kurgan has over 24 years experience in the investment business with the last 19 years of his career spent at MF Global or its predecessor Refco Futures. His extensive knowledge and experience in the complex world of futures has proven to be of great benefit to clients during these very uncertain times. John’s investment […]

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Friday the 13th Markets

For all you superstitious traders we are Friday the 13th and also the last trading day before the Ides of March (15th). It doesn’t get and more spookier than that. Yesterday’s huge up move was a continued combination of short covering and sideline cash that does not want to get left behind. The question one […]

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March 11 S&P

Shorts Cover on Dips

Stock index futures started the day yesterday on the right foot and ended in the same manner. After Tuesday’s monster rally, many bears were looking for a repeat of the one-day rally phenomenon. However, aside from a few temporary dips to 712 the March S&P traded in the green the entire session. It was pretty […]

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Bear Market Rally

Yesterday’s Stock market rally arrived right on schedule. Actually it was the most anticipated “bear market rally” in the history of the stock market. This of course leads one to be suspect on whether this rally has any staying power. the main thing to watch is the volume. As it begins to decline so will […]

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wheat futures

Wheat Still in Downtrend, But Bullish MACD Signal

May soft red winter wheat futures at the Chicago Board of Trade are still trapped below a two-month-old downtrend on the daily bar chart. For the bulls to gain some fresh upside near-term technical momentum they will have to negate the aforementioned downtrend, which means pushing May futures prices back above the last “reaction high,” […]

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Less is More

This is not about more taste or less filling but rather the more government involvement and meddling in the markets the less likely we will get a prompt recovery and return to a sustainable economy. What should be on your radar this week is the USDA report, and the approaching OPEC and FOMC meetings. If […]

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DX Double Top

This is the first post on Commodity Trader from the Platatude dude. I am perhaps the most famous “wrong way” trader.  Legions of followers from professional floor traders to a post-menopausal womens’ investment club in Fargo, ND have used the dude’s investment and trading advice as one of the most reliable contrary indicators around. 🙂 I’ll […]

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Coffee Futures July 2009

Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Coffee prices have been predicted to rise in 09’on expectations of smaller supplies around the globe being that the 09-10′ harvest is an off year. Demand seems to be inelastic: when coffee prices rise individuals don’t tend to reduce their coffee consumption accordingly and when the prices fall, consumer demand does not seem to increase […]

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The Golden Rule

With the Stock Market sliding below 7000 for the first time since October, 28th 1997 all Economic indicators suggest their will be more potholes before the road to recovery begins. The Presidents “stimulus plan” appears to have the support of many “Main Street” citizens and that has been reflected in his approval ratings. However, Mr. […]

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Range-bound Treasury Futures

The recent Treasury rally was quickly reversed as stocks managed to find support. Once again, bonds and notes are wrestling with the impact of supply and economic turmoil. In recent months, supply has been the dominate story but it is uncertain as to whether that can continue to be the case. We have been noting […]

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