Archive | June, 2009

Commodities take a Breath

Any sustainable bull market needs to take a breath and rest up for the next leg. The long commodity trade that has been working for the last several months has been momentarily put on hold. So what to do as a trader? We have taken profits on longs, decreased our long exposure, tightened up stops […]

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Gold Ranges

Over the course of the last 12 months this Gold market has provided everything a Gold trader could want for trading Gold. The market has yielded mammoth trading ranges, huge volatility, and good volume. As a trader I certainly realize these are uncertain times in the worlds economies and it appears the threat of pending […]

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Economic Recovery vs. Inflation

Call it what you want but traders make money on identifying an opportunity and capitalizing on it, not the why. To me inflation is a foregone conclusion, the timing is the tricky party. When you have Nassim Nichols Taleb setting up a new fund to exploit volatility and what he views as hyperinflation to come, […]

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