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Bonds and Notes Bounce

Strong demand in recent Treasury auctions and lower stocks have kept a floor under Treasuries but it has been the softer economic data that seems to be forcing shorts out of the market. The Treasury issued $41 billion in five -year notes this afternoon at a rate of 2.388% and a solid bid to cover […]

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Nervous Gold Traders

Today’s Gold Session Closed $13.60 Lower… ($1042.80) The (Comex) Gold day session traded in a very volatile and choppy $15.50 range today as early gains were erased due the U.S Dollar rally. The December futures contract was trading as high as $1058.00 per ounce as the U.S Dollar was making new 14 month lows versus […]

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Corn Bulls Strong, Looking to Dollar for Direction

December corn futures at the Chicago Board of Trade have seen an impressive really the past few weeks. Prices are in an accelerating uptrend on the daily bar chart and this week hit a fresh four-month high of $4.03 3/4 a bushel. Multiple closes above major psychological resistance at $4.00 a bushel would be another […]

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How High Can Gold Go Over Next 5-10 Years?

Gold is one of the hottest topics of these days, as many forex traders note the new records broken by the commodity, and speculate on the sparkling future awaiting those who prefer it as an investment medium. Gold had been doing very well over the years as the global flood of money caused just about […]

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US Dollar Sets the Tone

Natural gas prices were higher by 7% today, we advised clients to take their positions off and book a profit on the overall trade. This time the hedge hurt instead of helped but sometimes being conservative makes you less money other times it saves you money. Clients booked a profit of $1200 on their January […]

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Option Queen Letter

As we move into the last week of October remember, not only is it Halloween, but it is the seasonal time when mutual fund managers take loses for the year, that is if they have any. Then we have portfolio dressing and undressing. So, get your trick or treat candies ready for the goblins and […]

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MB Wealth Commodity Wrap

While short or long is only a difference in direction why do traders have a problem getting short. Maybe it is the psychology; perhaps it is easier to cheer for an asset to move up rather than down. To be extremely successful in this volatile environment we think a long only mentality is not the […]

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Reversal or just another bounce?

Moderately bearish data and failure for stocks to sharply correct following yesterday’s impressive gains, left bonds and notes vulnerable. Nonetheless, the long bond found support near our mid-118 target and reversed higher. All else being equal, this would bode well for the 30-year bond in the coming days. However, the technical set-up in the 10-year […]

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T-Bond Bulls Fading; Need to Show Power Soon

December T-Bond futures bulls have wilted recently as a nine-week-old uptrend line on the daily bar chart this week was penetrated on the downside and negated. Prices Wednesday also hit a fresh three-week low. Bulls need to show fresh power yet this week. A bearish weekly low close on Friday would suggest a market top […]

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How Events in Different Markets Relate

Most traders know that forex trading online is just a part of the big financial market comprising of the stock, bond, commodity markets and their derivatives. And since today’s markets are highly integrated within each other, it is easy to assume that events in one segment of the financial market will always have repercussions and […]

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