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Option Queen Letter

Some pockets of shoppers are returning to the market. We notice that the current flock of shoppers are the more well-to-do shoppers who, had the cash, but who were saving it in case things got worse. Today, they are no longer worried about things getting worse and are again beginning to spend their cash. After […]

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Despite Strong GDP Growth Energy Prices Sink Lower

Oil Market Summary for 01/25/2010 – 01/29/2010 Crude oil futures slipped below $73 a barrel for West Texas Intermediate late Friday as a temporary boost from strong GDP figures failed to last and let prices sink to a one-month low. Earlier in the week, China, weak refinery demand and slumping tech stocks all conspired to […]

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Picking Tops & Picking Bottoms

Any trader who tries to pick tops or pick bottoms is destined to fail. When we buy/sell clients a commodity it is not because we are picking a bottom or top but rather we think either the commodity is undervalued or overvalued so we are looking for a move in the coming hours, days, weeks […]

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Whitehall Investment Management Futures Market Summary

US DEBT REVIEW AND OUTLOOK US TREASURIES continued to range trade, with overnight rallies in Asian equities finally allowing for the long end of the yield curve to make a downward push through near term support levels. Treasuries regained footing after equities continued their uptick in volatility (see what happens when the news keeps harping […]

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Gazprom: Angel or Demon?

Gazprom faces regular opprobrium for its bullying ways of using energy as a pressure and political tool. Seen by some, mostly Russians, as the symbol of a successful and strong Russia, others see it as a dominating juggernaut, economic right arm of the Kremlin implementing, or should we say, imposing its policies by using energy […]

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Having a Trading Plan

Stochastics are putting in a rounding bottom and though we’ve not recommitted capital in futures with clients we still recommend accumulating call spreads in May as oil should be turning higher very soon. Looking at the chart formation we could be forming a “W” which predicts a trade back above $80 in the next 90 […]

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Golden State of the Union

This week in Gold has thus far produced a very volatile $26.50 range encompassing a high of $1104.00 and a low of $1074.50. The Gold and Silver have been under siege for the most part due to the continued U.S. Dollar strength versus the Euro. The European Stock Markets have experienced losses do primarily to […]

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Option Trade of the Day

Corn is heading into a seasonal trend of higher prices as the uncertainty of planting season should offer opportunity for price increases going into the next several months. Technical indicators are also offering support to a rebound in prices. To take advantage of this price turnaround; Buy the July $4.00 call, Sell the July $4.50 […]

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March Corn Suffers Serious Technical Damage

March corn futures at the Chicago Board of Trade have suffered serious near-term technical damage the past two weeks. The damage began with a limit-down (30 cents) price move on January 12. The following day, price action produced a rare gap down on the daily bar chart as prices fell to a fresh three-month low. […]

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FOMC Countdown

After an eventful overnight session, Treasuries closed the session near unchanged as traders look forward to tomorrow’s interest rate decision by the Fed. As for today, there was little news and therefore little action. The Case-Shiller home price index dropped by a larger than expected 5.32% while consumer confidence data showed an uptick. The 2 […]

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