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Treasuries Still Running

Bonds and notes enjoyed another day of healthy gains despite relatively stable equities. This suggests that there are factors at work other than simple portfolio allocation. The day’s news was overall bullish to neutral for Treasuries and bearish to neutral for stocks, but only one market chose to react. Fixed income products moved higher on […]

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Month End Window Dressing

For the last trading day to be on the 26th of the month just doesn’t seem right. Needless to say based on the market action today there seemed to be some month end window dressing, It will be interesting how we start the month of March next Monday. Oil remained range bound ending the week […]

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Weekly Precious Metal Report

Economic Woes Continue… This week thus far we have traded a $43.00 range in the Comex Gold Market. This range has been primarily due to the U.S Dollars performance versus the the struggling European Union and the Euro. It has become apparent the situation in Europe is much worse than previously reported. It is my […]

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Whitehall Investment Management Futures Market Summary

US DEBT REVIEW AND OUTLOOK A quiet session was had by all within the bond & equity futures markets on Wednesday. Treasuries returned some of their gains from the previous session after testimony from Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke settled market concerns about the FOMC implementing interest rate hikes beyond last week’s hike in the discount […]

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On Pins & Needles

These markets seem to change minute to minute…hour to hour…day to day. The 40 day moving average that we quoted yesterday was re-visited today and held in oil. Being that we did not make a new high we are still operating under the impression that prices need to move lower before we get any substantial […]

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Soybeans in Fledgling Price Uptrend

May soybean futures at the Chicago Board of Trade are presently in a two-week-old price uptrend on the daily bar chart. Prices Tuesday poked to a fresh four-week high. May soybeans have recovered around 60 cents a bushel from the February 4 low of $9.11. Looking back, it appears that the seasonal “February Break” phenomenon […]

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Rolling with the Punches

After a $10 move higher is Crude getting tired? We want to have long exposure for clients but are on the sidelines in oil anticipating a $4/5 break in the next week or so. The 40 day moving average in April comes in just above $78 and the 200 day is seen at $75.50. We […]

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Option Queen Letter

Ready, set, start shopping! Yes, we are entering the spring housing season when buyers appear to shop and find homes. Why the sudden rush, well, it is clear that interest rates are not going to go any lower and it is just as clear that interest rates on home mortgages likely will increase in the […]

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Oil Market Summary

An easing of the crisis in Europe gave energy markets a firm tone last week that enabled crude oil futures to gain nearly 8% amid mixed economic news and some concerns about supply. A strike at French oil refineries lifted prices to a five-week high Friday, with the benchmark West Texas Intermediate finishing the week […]

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