Dead Cat Bounce in Bonds

The Treasury market enjoyed a mild bid throughout the session as the technical environment seemed to put a temporary floor under pricing. Also, month/quarter/week end buying seems to be helping the cause.
All in all it was a relatively uneventful news day. The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index was reported to be a little better than expected, but the final revision to the fourth quarter GDP was a little worse.
There is some concern that the expiration of the government’s MBS purchase program will have a negative impact on Treasuries (higher rates), but not everybody thinks so. Fed member Charles Plosser, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, “Given the market functioning, I don’t anticipate that selling MBS at a reasonable pace is going to have a tremendous impact on Mortgage rates” He also mentioned that rumors of a hike at the discount window were premature.
We can’t rule out another probe at the lows, or moderately new lows but we like the upside from here (temporarily at least). We see support in the 30 year in the mid-114’s and resistance near 116’26.
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