March Madness

This phrase is coined for the college basketball tournament but I think it is an accurate description of what to expect as a trader this month. At its highs today oil was less than $3/barrel from making new highs on the year. Being bearish for the last 1-2 weeks has made our clients NO $ but we still feel a trade to $75/76 is imminent. We are not disputing a trade in summer is likely up to $90 but first a correction. We still favor $5 put spreads. Natural gas should finish down 3.5-4.0% lower on the week. That is not too bad! Clients have a small long position in April futures and June call spreads and at the moment are all under water. We expect the next 2 weeks to be better to us in energies; that means crude down and natural gas up. Are you kidding me that we only lost 36,000 jobs and unemployment did not change?
The equity market is being propped up by the powers that be and if the free market determined prices we would be at least 10% lower. Clients are down on their June ES puts but will stay the course being they have over 3 months time. Sugar closed up 2.4%; we suggest being long May and July via options looking for a move back to 26 cents. For the first time in 4 weeks cotton will finish lower; clients are positioned to take advantage of a set back to 75/76 cents in May. Treasuries were hit hard today and we do think more downside is likely in the coming months but we still feel one will get the opportunity to put on shorts from higher levels. If the recovery is underway which I question and there is more talk of the Fed raising rates traders should re-visit the idea of short Euro-dollars. The charts look like in the next few sessions Agriculture will trade lower. Aggressive traders could use that to get short while I would prefer getting long from lower levels.
USDA report out next Wednesday. Our current positions for clients in Ag include long corn, long soybean meal and short soybean oil. We have no positions in lean hogs with clients but it appears a double top could be forming around 74 in the April contract; that level acted as stiff resistance in mid-January as well. Live cattle finished about 1 penny higher on the week; clients remain short expecting a trade back near 89 cents in April. We caution any exposure in gold as we could see a $50 move either way. If lower we would suggest buying the dip. May silver closed at the 100 day moving average today about 15 cents off its highs. We like being long but would prefer to open fresh longs on a set back to $16.50. If we do see a retracement that holds we would think the next leg up would lift prices to near $18.50 mid-summer. Clients were advised to take profits on their Yen shorts today as prices have peeled off 3 cents in the last 2 sessions. We advised those still interested in currencies to get short the Loonie. We are looking for a move in the Loonie back under 95 cents. We are operating under the influence that stiff resistance comes in at .9750/.9800.
Risk Disclosure: The risk of loss in trading commodity futures and options can be substantial. Past performance is no guarantee of future trading results.


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