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Coming Regulation

Monday or Tuesday expect regulators to change the rules to the game. This should cause more volatility in my opinion as opposed to less but time will tell. Crude and the distillates fell hard today as expected and prices hit our $72 price objective. Though it may be a few days premature clients were advised […]

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30-year auction sucks bid out of market

Bond and notes moved higher in early trade as equities struggled. After two consecutively strong Treasury auctions, and questionable fundamentals in overseas fixed income markets, the traders were anticipating strong demand for the 30-year. Lofty expectations seemed to have just set the market up for failure. In post-auction trade, the long end of the curve […]

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Global Uncertainty Fuels Gold Rally

So far this week Gold has covered a $64.80 range with a low of $1184.40 ( Monday 5/10) and a high of $1249.20 (Wednesday 5/12). This latest rally has been fueled by the uncertainty of the debt crisis rescue package implemented in the Euro Region. On Monday (5/10) we learned the European Union and the […]

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Pigs get Slaughtered

Bulls make money in bull markets and bears make money in bear markets BUT pigs get slaughtered. We recognize most have heard this saying but are you applying this to your trading? Lower high and lower low in Crude as prices traded lower again today making it 8 out of the last 9 sessions. Though […]

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Intestinal Fortitude

If you do not have the stomach for volatility our suggestion would be to take the week off. Crude oil is showing signs of life posting a higher high and higher low in today’s session. Use a trade below $76 in June or above $79 as a sign of where from here. On further signs […]

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may 10 bond

What a week in Treasuries!

The U.S. dollar might not have the strongest fundamental backing, but it is the best of the worst when it comes to representing stability. Accordingly, despite criticism of the Fed’s monetary policy and quantitative easing, when the going gets tough, money flows into the U.S. Treasury bonds and notes were a direct beneficiary of capital […]

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Option Queen Letter

Are we all having fun yet? Don’t you just love the volatility? As an option seller, we do. If you are a call writer this environment is your dream. As a put sell, you have to love those premiums. Fat finger……we don’t think so. Most systems will not let you enter orders in the billions […]

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Crude Oil Plunges as Turbulence Rocks Financial Markets

Oil Market Summary for: 03/05/2010 to 07/05/2010 In a week of market turmoil resulting from Greece’s fiscal crisis, oil went from an intraday high above $87 on Monday – its highest point in more than a year and a half – to plunge briefly below $75 on Friday. The Greek crisis, exacerbated by a still-unexplained […]

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