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june 29 bond 2010

End of the month chop

Treasuries soared overnight to fresh highs but were unable to hold the gains. The 30-year bond futures traded comfortably near unchanged for the majority of the session to make the last day of the second quarter a non-event. Payroll processor, ADP, reported that the U.S. economy gained only 13,000 jobs last month. This was a […]

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A new sheriff in town

So far this week we have experienced a $41.30 range in the August Globex market notching another all-time high of $1266.50 on Monday and trading as low as $1225.20 during the Wednesday session. This volatility is a direct result of the continued uncertainty with the fiscal crisis in the European Union as well as the […]

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Gold Continues To Glitter

This week the Gold has rallied to another all-time high as global investors continue to choose gold as their currency of choice. Savvy investors are seeking tangible assets for long term investment opportunities as they have lost faith and confidence in the fiat currencies. We have once again received mixed news and reports from the […]

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June 15, 2010 S&P

Yesterday’s late sellers were today’s early buyers

Monday’s horrendous close had the bulls nervous and the bears salivating, but despite a lack of positive news or obvious catalyst Tuesday belonged to the bulls. I recently read an internet blog that shared the same pessimistic reality that I have spoken about in this newsletter from time to time. It stated that based on […]

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Strong Finish

Based on the late action we should see indices lead us higher next week. After an 8% rally in the previous four sessions Crude gave back some of its gain today closing down just over $1. The 9 day MA did hold and as long as that level supports we think higher ground ahead. That […]

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The Volatility Continues

So far this week we have witnessed another all-time high( August Globex) of $1254.50 on Tuesday( June 8th )and low of $1212.10 as the global economic and geo-political uncertainties continue to fuel the market volatility. There is certainly huge physical demand world-wide As savvy investors have lost confidence in the fiat currencies and have apparently […]

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July 2010 Copper

Copper Sees Short Covering in a Bear Market

Comex copper futures for July delivery on Wednesday morning were trading solidly higher on short covering in a market that is still technically bearish. July copper prices are in a two-month-old downtrend on the daily chart and earlier this week hit a fresh eight-month low of $2.72 a pound. For the bulls to begin to […]

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