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A Trader’s Market

This is not your father’s market where investors can buy and hold. Cut losses and take profits…risk management is the name of the game. Three dollar trading ranges or $3,000 swings are now commonplace in Crude in a 24 hour period so this market can be humbling. It is a roller coaster ride but as […]

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Dollar down should equal Commodities Up

Crude will close off its intra-day highs but the key will be if we can get a settlement above the 9 day MA; in August at $97.60. A trade above $99.50 we should hit out target of $102/103 shortly after. The immediate direction will likely be paved buy outside market influence i.e. equities and the […]

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On a Dollar Retracement

I’m not a dollar BEAR but if we get a trade back to 75.00 in the dollar index we could see a nice pop in the commodity complex. Bullish engulfing candle on the daily bar chart in Crude with prices 1.75% higher as of this post. Clients are advised to be cautiously long but we […]

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NFP number moves the Markets

A curve ball with NFP today…unemployment reaching a reported 9.2% and adding 20% of the anticipated jobs last month whipsaws markets today. Crude gave back the previous two days gains down 2.4% as of this post. We did not see this type of move to end the week but we still finished higher now for […]

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Treasuries hinge on non-farm payrolls

ADP shocked the financial markets with a gangbusters prediction of the government’s employment report. The payroll giant believes the private sector added 157,000 jobs. To put this into perspective, expectations were for about 60,000 and last month’s figure was 36,000. The result was renewed softness across Treasuries but in reality, the selling was much less […]

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If Stocks falter will Commodities follow?

August Crude has advanced nearly $7/barrel in just over the last week but the next hurdle will be the 40 day MA at $98. On a settlement above $98 we see little in the way of resistance until $102. The resiliency in the distillates should keep Crude moving higher in the short run…in my opinion. […]

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Another Week of Volatility for Gold

This week’s Gold traded a volatile $36.50 range. The market was data driven and for the most part a very technical trade as key support levels were breached and technical gaps were filled. Friday’s sell-off may have been caused by traders moving out of Gold as a “safe haven” investment as the passing of the […]

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