Premature Victory Celebration

The recent acceleration in various asset classes has been nice in Q1 but my opinion is it may be too early to claim victory or announce a recovery. Crude oil continues to dance just above its 9 and 18 day MAs. Tomorrow’s inventory report will be the next catalyst. My inclination remains a break lower is far over due and I’ve advised clients to wade into bearish trades expecting a trade bear $100/barrel. Continue to pay attention to outside markets but as long as the distillates do not see higher ground I remain bearish. Natural gas remains the laggard having lost 3 out of the last 4 sessions closing at fresh contract lows. Stocks traded to new contract highs before backing off to close near their lows. Once again I would not pick a top but on a close below the 20 day MA I’d be willing to re-establish shorts. Those levels are 13005 in the Dow and 1382 in the S&P.
The 100 day MA halted any further upside in gold with prices closing marginally lower today. $1700 should act as resistance while I see support at $1640 in June. Scale into bearish trades on a trade above $1700 with stops just above $1720. It was not the 100 day but rather the 50 day MA that capped rallies in May silver; that level is $33.45. A close under the 100 day MA would signal this was a failed rally attempt; that level is $32.35. Sugar lost 2% today and is off 6.5% in the last three sessions since I’ve been advising bearish trades. This move should continue as our target remains 23 cents in May…trails stops. Coffee has closed higher the last 3 sessions advancing nearly 5% today alone. There should be more appreciation before selling re-emerges. The down sloping trend line since August should cap significant upside around the $2.00 level in May futures…trade accordingly.
If June 10-yr notes and 30-yr bonds test their 20 day MA tomorrow and fail scale into bearish trades with stops just above those levels. In 10-yr notes at 129’23 and in 30-yr bonds 138’21. Cattle are through their 9 day MAs so you should have been stopped at a profit on all remaining shorts. Remain on the sidelines until further notification. Ags were lower across the board with wheat the biggest loser giving up 3%. If you notice the mid day reversal yesterday in all products this could be the start of a correction we wanted ahead of the USDA report at week’s end. I’ll keep you posted but I want at least another 20-30 cents before the report to entertain longs for clients…stay tuned. As I voiced yesterday the Yen needs to hold 1.2000 for me to remain friendly. No other crosses have a clear buy or sell signal in my opinion.
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