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S&P - US SPX 500 Futures (15 Minutes) August 17, 2013

S&P will finish lower for the second week in a row

Energy: Crude oil has gained the last six sessions lifting October futures to their highest close in 13’ as we are fast approaching the 12’ highs. I see little gas in the tank and have advised aggressive clients to establish bearish trade anticipating a trade back to the 50 day MA in the coming weeks, […]

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what are binary options

What Are Binary Options?

You may have heard of binary options, but there’s a fair chance that you don’t know what they are. Although these options have been available for a long time over the counter (where you buy the option directly from the issuer), it is only in the last few years that binary option exchanges have opened, […]

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Cotton Futures chart

Cotton – Have we Priced out Exports for the Moment?

Adverse price movement can affect exports levels in commodities. In other words if prices are low enough it may entice higher exports while prices appreciating too high have the ability to discourage exports. Cotton futures are flat today as of this post unable to make it to the previous session’s highs. Net export sales for […]

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Crude oil Futures, August 14, 2013

Crude oil – Bullish draw and still NO Upside

Yesterday we saw an unexpected rise in fuel products reported by the API. According to the API Crude stockpiles fell 999,000 barrels last week but gasoline stockpiles rose 1.7M barrels and distillates rose 1.1M barrels. The EIA out today reported a slightly more bullish figure showing oil stockpiles falling 2.8M barrels. The EIA also indicated […]

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Silver Futures, August 12, 2013

Hi-Ho Silver – A Breakout?

Silver is higher by nearly 5% today trading to its highest levels since 6/19. Since 6/28 when September futures traded as low as $18.17 (33 month low) prices are higher by 17.4%. Two significant developments in the last two trading sessions…a settlement above the 50 day MA (light blue line) which had not occurred since […]

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Euro USD - Eurodollars

Continue to short Eurodollars

Energy: I was looking for a rally to get short Crude oil again after exiting client’s bearish trades and the market delivered higher by 2.64% today. I did not catch the high today so clients that resold October futures are down on the futures leg. I opted to buy 1:1 September $105 calls against their […]

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British Pound Futures, August 9, 2013

British Pound – Another Bearish set up

The Cable bounced off the bottom of the trading channel and since the first few days August has appreciated 2.6% to lift futures to the upper end of the channel. As one can see futures have stalled at around the same levels that served as resistance in April/May just under $1.5600(horizontal red line). Stochastics are […]

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Cocoa Futures

Cocoa – How NOT being in the Market can make you $$

First let’s address the move in cocoa today…that had futures higher by 3.19% and intra-day trading to their highest levels in three months. Last week one can see that we found support at the 20 day MA (light blue line) as futures danced that line for five sessions before the acceleration today. Weather related news […]

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Crude oil futures, August 2, 2013

Bullish engulfing candle in 10-yr notes

Energy: Today’s chart of the day was on Crude oil…give it a read. If we see follow through into next week it will confirm for the second time that $108 is stiff resistance. I am operating under the influence that is how we play out and this could drag futures under $100/barrel. As of this […]

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