Live Cattle Futures chart for January 17, 2014

Fat Cattle need to go on a Diet

Record high after record high with April live cattle trading near $140 yesterday before stalling. The red horizontal line drawn on the chart below serves as my line in the sand. It will take a settlement below $139 to confirm an interim top. Ultimately I see futures on this contract trading back to the trend line that comes in just below $135 in April futures…this represents a 2.8% loss in value.

Supplies of slaughter ready cattle remains historically tight, forcing meat processors and even retailers to pay up to fill orders for their beef products. This has been a vicious cycle! A break in cash prices would be a preliminary sign that prices on the board are due for a set back. Reading a piece on Reuters this AM a livestock analyst ,made a great analogy…”when you stretch the rubber band too far, it can sometimes stretch too hard the other way when it snaps back.”

A set back would likely start with profit taking and as I alluded look for cash prices as a precursor to futures setting back.

 Live Cattle Futures chart for January 17, 2014
Live Cattle Futures chart for January 17, 2014

Live Cattle Futures Trade idea:

Short (1) April live cattle futures targeting a trade under $135, current trade at 139.25. As opposed to a stop or open ended risk let’s buy a February 141 call to stop us out if the market continues to run higher. You have protection for the next 22 days. This option should cost approximately $350 per. If futures roll over you make in the futures and lose in your option. Worst case you can lose the premium paid plus 75 tics or $300 per futures(depending on exact fill). So your looking at about $700 of risk per strategy as long as your out on options expiration.

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